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Thank you/ John from Ranch Cordova

by John H
(Rancho Cordova California)

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for those that have contacted me and the creator of this site for their calls. I am a person like everyone else.
I would like to say that no matter how you feel right now( which may be bad ) that you DO have a destiny and you are very unique. I ask you to first pray and thank God for your trials and tribulations and to realize that right now we are ALL going through tough times and a shift in reality as we know it. God is preparing you for bigger and better things to come in your life.."weather you realize it or not. God is everything and everywhere. He only wants the best for us. You may fell right now that you don't understand and are seeking answers for questions that is impossible to answer. Only our creator can answer those questions. By focusing on your inner being ( soul ) and truly understanding you are unique and you DO have a destiny for the better, you will then realize that YOU are a part of everything. WE ARE SPIRITUAL creatures and what is waiting for us is beyond belief. Strength is derived and acquired from first ( The power of God himself ) second from within YOU and how bad you want to learn and grow. It may seem at times that we want to throw it all away, but this is what the dark forces want to believe. They want our soul, our happiness, our destiny. The best advice I can give to you is that the things that you acquire in life...ARE JUST THINGS! Our true purpose is to love one another from our hearts and be there for one another, TRULY BE THERE because you TRULY care. How can we care for those whom we don't know you may ask? First you have to KNOW we are all connected as a family, and treat one another as family know matter what race or color you are, we are...our souls are all the same.
Gaining inner strength to survive mentally and physically what we all go through is acquired through connection with God, being focused on our inner self and realizing we are stronger than what we give ourselves credit for. Ascending spiritually comes through connection with everything around you. To connect to everything around have to understand that you are a part of everything around you, you are NOT separate you are NOT disconnected. By closing your eyes and concentrating on the UNIVERSE and everything that surrounds you, including GOD, you can then connect to a higher spirtual plane. ( NOT AIRCRAFT ) We as human beings have to win this war that battles against our lives. We have become a Nation of people where we think that money and items are important, but when we die, we cannot take those things with us. so, if we can't take those things with us, what is our life about? LIFE is about learning, love, doing for others, being there for others, truly loving one another from our hearts weather we know the person or not. It is about connecting ourselves to everyone and the universe so our soul can ascend to a higher spiritual plane ( NOT AIRCRAFT ) LOL. If you FEEL you do not have the answers and don't know what to do about your life situation ( if it is real bad ) you start by trusting God...that is the first thing you do. The second thing you do, is NOT let the evil forces win. You get angry and say " want to try to destroy me..just wait, just wait until I get my hands on you. I AM GOING TO WIN by helping others, showing others that they are unique, and loved and cared for by my actions, and by what God can do for them. " YOU attack by using your frustration and anger you have by doing good things..which pisses the enemy off! We are so much stronger than what we give ourselves credit for. we are invaded by bills, some of our friends don't understand us, and some of our family may even turn thier backs on us. BUT!...through all of this h--l on earth we bring ourselves to a place that is peaceful for all of us...that place starts with our creator. Only our creator understands what is best for us. Everytime I try to do something I may feel is right, it normally goes wrong. MMMM....maybe I don't know what is good for me...except that GOD does. He is the universe, he is everything, he wants us to kick the enemy in the butt! Our world can only change when we realize that the things we aquire are only things, they really don't have any meaning...YOU HAVE MEANING!!! God gave you the gift of who and what you are, no one can replace you, you are unique in that aspect of the universe. NEVER THINK SUICIDE..because if you do, or you do kill youself, you lose! so do those whom you have left behind. Inner strength can be achieved through prayer, concentration on everything around you as you realize you are a part of everything. If you feel that you just can't go on....the best advice I can give you is to pull that energy around you into you which is the universe, by focusing on God and time and space and worlds that fill the universe. connect to it, be a part of it. This is called meditation and it connects you spirtually to everything and everyone and God. I left another post on this web site, please read it. My number is attached to it. I will give it again to you though. Thank you for letting me post it. ( 702 ) 769-7659 I believe WE can change our world through networking with one another through this blessed site. This site can be hope for those and spiritual guidance for those who need it. IF you need to speak to me, my number is HERE and on the letter I left to readers. THIS SITE has helped me as it will help you. Listen to received messages on this site have to say. We are NOW going through a change in our world where WE, yes WE make our decisions to either become more spiritually assended and connected or we just give up. YOU and I are fighters and I will be dog gone if I am going to ALLOW evil and its forces try to tell me I am worthless, useless, and that I don't count. Watch out evil forces, because when you back a cat against the wall, you are going to get clawed. Fight back with love and understanding. Fight back with knowledge of what surrounds you. Fight back through prayer and through helping others. Don't worry about wealth or items, fame or fortune...we are not about that. WE you and I are about love and understanding, and helping one another and connecting to God and the universe. once you realize that, then you can truly be free of this three dimensional, cruel, controlling world. The only thing that will matter to you then is, how can I become better and help others.
Thank you again for this site. Call me anytime, I don't care if it is 2 in the morning, I promise I will be there to listen and give the best advice I can give. BUT God has the answers in the end, I can only help you get there.
Thank you
John from Rancho Cordova, California.

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