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The Hum etc.

(New Zealand)

Since the beginning of this year I have been hearing a hum that changes its pitch and then changes back. It isn't intrusive although at first I was a bit panicked because I thought I'd moved house to the wrong place. When I worked out that it came from the air or from me, that was OK, then I read about other people's experiencing it too. I also get a very cold head and have to wear hats a lot; and I experience headaches; loneliness; tiredness; irritation. I could go on - but there's also beautiful exhilaration and joy which is the main thing.

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Sep 17, 2010
Buzzing in my ears
by: Anonymous

I am so pleased to read of everyone's experiences. I too have experienced many changes in my body. I have a buzzing in my ears, that is not at all a bother, but I know it's there.The buzzing seems to jolt me out of a sleep. My digestive system has changed in a big way. I now find that there are so many foods that I can not eat anymore. I have cut my red meat intake back by 90%, simply because I just dont feel a want for it anymore. I am also finding that the flavors of foods such as fish, chicken & cheese have intensified, to a point that I find them overwhelming and I feel ill if I eat them. It is becoming difficult to find foods that I actually enjoy eating. I have also been experiencing quite a lot of dizziness. I had a moment a few weeks back which I had never felt before. I was talking with a co worker and I had a dizzy spell, that was so intence that I felt all of my energy leave my body. This happened for less than a second but WOW it certainly took me by surprise!!! Please, if anyone has any thing that would help me understand better as to what is happening to me, I would be most appreciative!!
Thank You,
In Light & Love Only!!

Aug 22, 2010
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. It is amazing to feel that there are people who understand and have compassion when I seem to be surrounded by people who unconsciously I guess would rather I didn't shine, I suppose because it makes them feel uncomfortable. And that is their right. But I know that I have Guides Who are with me every second of the day and night. And I know that perseverance and trust and patience bring miracles that never end. Thank you for the tips on movement. I must say I spend quite a lot of time sitting around! Low grade depression, little motivation. Maybe it's time for me to start to move a little, in many ways. Thank you so much.

Aug 22, 2010
Sounds Like Transformation
by: Anonymous

Your cold head is probably due to light energy pouring into your crown chakra. I experience it as a cool breeze coming down from above me. It feels great. Your headaches could be due to the light energy storing in your head. I get that too. Exercise helps move the energy out of your head and disperse it throughout the body. I particularly like stretching exercises. The energy in my head became so powerful at one point that I started doing spontaneous tai chi movements, and I could feel the energy flowing down into my body. For me, the energy coming from above seems to store itself in my pineal gland where I get a tickling sensation in the back of my head. I can then pump the energy down into my body by moving my head backward and forward, or simply by concentrating on moving the energy downward. The bad feelings will become less and the good feelings will increase with time if you let go and allow the universe to do its work. This is a crazy, ridiculous, awesome time for us. Rejoice, because you are immortal, and your life will continue to get better for all eternity as you slowly realize your infinite power as a GOD!

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