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The New World

The New-World

In the beginning we learn to accept the not so bad
Much the same way we learn to accept the not so good
There's nothing more gripping than our association with duality
Out of fear and doubt we become separated from others as well as ourselves
Drama like any acquired taste becomes a self imposed emotional addiction
The ego is attracted by truth but then held back for the lack of balance
Both estranged from and drawn to the bitter sweetness of life

With every new thought we rise above our challenges
With every new revelation there's always a corresponding decision to be made
And where that fire already burns in our imagination
Faith has been duly awakened to nurture these experiences
So how do we offer love unconditionally as a gift in a place
Where gratitude can be accepted and given in a full state of consciousness
How to forgive and be forgiven as a part of the healing process
And have that determination directed toward the accuracy of our dreams

The relevancy of living for that purpose is greater now than ever before
The new world embraces this and other changes as they now take place
We seek not only the challenge of this new life as our reward
We also seek the honor and value of peace which makes it possible
For us to take the next step toward reaching another level of truth
For the sake of this great season we give thanks to the wisdom for all time
As we receive this blessing we welcome this transition with a collective sigh of relief


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Jan 26, 2010
Re: The New World
by: Aeve

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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