The shadow was holding my child...

by Kelsea J

I had a dream a couple years ago at the age of 17 that abruptly ended at a terrifying part and continued to haunt me for an additional 6 months until the ending was shown to me as I was in a meditative state (while doing my hair) one morning.

The first half...

I'm an adult mother in my dream. I'm in my future home in the kitchen, doing the dishes. It's night time. All the lights are off in the house except for the one in the kitchen. I'm alone, my husband is at word. I feel completely at peace in the silence. Then I look up to check on my baby, sound asleep in the next room right at the edge of the light as the light from the kitchen spills over into the next room. I smile, and look back down to continue washing the dishes. Everything feels completely serene, and not a thing seems wrong with the world. Then I look up again to find a large, tangible shadow in the shape of a demon, holding my baby in it's arms facing me. The shadow looked uncomfortable, shifting from side to side, looking at me, then at my baby, then back to me as if to say, "What are you going to do about it? I've got your child now."

And then I awoke terrified. I didn't understand what it meant. Could it have been real? I've had dreams of the future before that had come true. Could this be so as well? Or was it simply a dream with symbols that was in no way literal? This dream haunted me. I did research and spoke with several wise people for their opinion over the course of 6 months, but nothing was ever made clear to me. Then one morning as I was doing my hair (sounds silly, I know) I had a vision of the last half of the dream...

I look up to see the shadow holding my baby, looking at me, looking at my baby, and looking back at me as if to say, "What are you going to do about it? I've got your child." I remain in a peaceful, serene state. I simply put down the plate I was holding, take the town to wipe off my hands, and calmly begin walking towards the shadow. As I do so, I notice that it continues to get more and more uncomfortable. I'm watching myself walk over to it from above, and I notice that light is bouncing off of me and around the room in tangible rays. I'm radiating this perfect, white light and I'm literally glowing. The closer I get to the shadow, the more nervous it becomes, until I walk right up to it. It's now very, very scared, and all I feel is complete, perfect, unconditional love for the shadow that wanted to hurt my child. I reach out and take my infant out of the shadow's arms. The shadow is terrified, and it's bPurning painfully in my light. After I take my child, still sound asleep, I look into the deeper shadows of the figures face where the eyes should have been, and I simply say, "Thank you." When I do so, the shadow changes, morphs painfully. It can't help but be liberated by my light while it's in my presence. It morphs and changes until it, itself, is also white light. And then it disappears to join the Father in the LIght once again.

The two biggest things I gained from this dream.

My children are no doubt going to be extraordinarily powerful that shadows will feel threatened by their greatness.

We need not be afraid of darkness. If we continue to stand in our power and our light, we will continue to liberate ALL we come in contact with.

A side note...
I'm not completely sure if this event will take place in the future. I had this dream a couple years ago as I am now 20, but there is one thing I know for sure. When we encounter dark spirits in our lives it isn't enough to simply cast them out of our presence. They are our brothers and sisters too, and they deserve to be in the Light. Unfortunately, many of them think themselves unworthy to do so due to the dark things they chose into while they were alive, or if they were one of the third that followed Lucifer, then they don't know that their services are no longer needed. They DESERVE to be in the Light. So when you come across one, tell it so. Tell it to go into the Light with the Father and feel of his love. That it deserves the Father's love, as we all do. But regardless, we need not be afraid. Always put things in the light, whether it be a shadow, or a dark thought inside yourself. Because when things continue to live in darkness, they will continue to grow and feed off of that darkness. So put all things in light. All past hurts, angers, frustrations, even the "devil" himself. This is what gets to happen if we want to raise our consciousness collectively.

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