Third Eye active and awakened

by Steve
(Santa Cruz, CA US)

4 months ago I went to visit an ex-girlfriend who was dying of brain cancer. She was a love of my life. We had a very intensely beautiful talk. The next Morning I awoke to a bright light shining at me passing from left to right. My eyes closed but I was fully awake. I thought it was my ex who had passed at that moment but that wasn't the case (she passed a week later) so fast forward 4 months and I still can see that passing light source and more. Every time I close my eyes, within minutes I see that source light, I see white mist. In the white mist black holes open up and light beings flutter toward me and then dissipate back into the white mist. This repeatedly happens for a long while. I literally step into another world everytime I close my eyes. The dark space fills with light and then the visions as I described. Many things and images that are in my peripheral vision as well that I can't make out exactly what it is but I know it's there. I can also see energy all over the place in my physical eyes. My life has changed profoundly for the better as a result. How do I develop this ability more than just a viewing only perspective?

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