Thoughts or definitions

by Brian
(Colombia, South America)

Dear friends,

What are your thoughts or your definitions for the phrase, "transition period"?

I have heard a couple of explanations but I am still confused. Please help me here.

Many thanks,

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Transition definition
by: Janet

transition can take some time. I think it means a changing period which seems to take some time time to complete. It's like evolving into a new you. Some do it faster than others some do it slower then others. Were all unique and it depends on how much we need to transition (change) (evolve) into the new and perfect us. Hope that helps

It's rather simple
by: Alex

Transition like literally means change, movement of positions, so on. Period, is a time or over time. So really Transition Period is saying a change over a span of time. Moving from the norm to something different. Like a new living style if you will. In this case so most have said This 2012 Transition period is infact a living style change. Losing the materialism, greedy, industrial, ways, etc. and becoming spiritual being. An Evolution. I hope this clears things up. My best to you in this great time

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