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Time for an MRI or more "Downloads"???

by Debra A. Hitchcock
(Washington, DC)

Hello everyone. I've mentioned in a previous post ("Negative Energy and the Sacred Rose") about some very disconcerting vision "displays" (for lack of a better word). Like vibrant, primary colored arcs comprised of bright triangles..sometimes spinning like a vortex...always changing...lasting about 30 minutes at a time. I can always tell when it's about to start, because the bright prismacolored distortion begins...sometimes right in the line of vision, and sometimes peripheral.

I try to sound cavalier and brave about these events, but I've just gone through Christmas experiencing 3 days back to back of these "lightshows". I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Sometimes it's hard to know in ones journey when and what to take action on (health-wise), and what is a test of discernment and positive creators of our new realities. If it hadn't been for an experience earlier on where I could see, in my mind's eye, a black triangle with white text inside being downloaded inside of it...well then I really would be scared. But it seems to be part of my journey.

The test seems to be for one to transcend fear and other negative emotions, but a lot of us face health issues (and other bizarre stuff like Elle's comment) and it truly puts our optimism to the test.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience.
Thanks, Debra

Comments for Time for an MRI or more "Downloads"???

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Jan 09, 2010
some advice
by: Aquariann

Hi Deborah ,

You said ,
"Isn't it a universal law that if you follow the above guidelines that the entity you're dealing with should identify itself??? "

Unfortunately no , but a lot of people think that . Somewhere along the line psychism, mediumship , and the new age ascension philosophy took a little fork in the road and got separated and there is some confusion about issues like that .

These things usually follow a pattern , and you recognize the pattern if you've been studying a while . An unprotected empath /psychic/ or seeker begins to open up energetically , knowingly or unknowingly , and sometimes lower astral energies will take advantage of their good nature and ignorance .

They will tell you just enough to get you hooked in , sometimes a mix of lies and truth to keep you confused but hopeful . Usually they will play on your vulnerable points , often giving you something you need emotionally .

A relationship with a true guide does not feel unloving or bad . It may be possible for the pretenders to disguise themselves at first , but as you become more sensitive and discerning you will feel something amiss .

Often we are told to question them about religious issues , or their source , etc . , but this is not reliable as they can lie . Some people do not want to believe this , but again if you study you will find many instances of it . One way to supposedly end the question that I heard recently ( I can't remember the author's name now though .. ) is to offer to send the entity a "gift of light" . And if they refuse , you have a good indication they are not there for your benefit .

In your particular case , from what you describe you've got an energetic door open . When you become that sensitive you need to work with it and develop control over it , and control over who is allowed to access you .

First you will need to request a gatekeeper guide . This a guide that will keep lower energies away .
Next you need to refuse to communicate with the ones you don't trust , and be firm about it . Send them away and mean it .

After that you need to practice energetic cleansing and learn how to close down . There is no way you should have something talking at you 24/7 . But that is what will happen if we are psychically open all the time . To do this you can practice visualizing your chakras closing one by one like the petals of a flower . These situations do not get rectified overnight . It takes persistence and regular work .

Be suspect of anything that claims to be a deity . This is one of the ways lower energies use to flatter our ego and gain our trust .

Dec 30, 2009
by: Sydney

You have the sovereign right to ask those who
wish to communicate with you and find you an
open vessel, to TONE IT DOWN A BIT.
Everyone needs a little down time even if they
have agreed to uplifting this planet.


Dec 30, 2009
Your feedback is very helpful
by: Debra Hitchcock

"In the beginning"..when I began my relationship with spirit via the pendulum, (after the deaths of my Dad and brother) I was speaking with a guide known to me as well as his good friend, Jesus. I agreed to all kinds of things, in full rapture of this (I guess) twin flame energy I received from Dkadjaa. After I walked out of my marriage, Dkadjaa was supposed to be incarnate and waiting for me. But the plan totally changed at that point...and now, in retrospect, I get that. I had so much healing to do, so many issues to address.

Part of the "agreement" was that I would be willing to receive myriad vibrations and help the two of them decifer them. This would help raise the earth's vibration to a more loving one. The pendulum was used as a tool to fine tune areas in my mind...probing and finding spots that "hurt"...that would indicate where the bad energy was. I was so innocent, I realize now that alot of that energy was probably mine, and they were trying to help facilitate the healing process.

But now, over 2 years later, the voices are still 24-7, and pushing me (many times) to the brink. I've followed all the "rules of engagement", "protect" myself accordingly, and prayer for the highest energy. Isn't it a universal law that if you follow the above guidelines that the entity you're dealing with should identify itself???

How does one get from spirit guides and supposedly Jesus himself (I've never gone to church, so this was a strange connection anyway) to vibrational bombardment of an unloving nature?? It does not feel like it's just part of learning discernment and's something that seems beyond my knowing.

Have you ever woken up and heard yourself already in conversation with someone in your mind...guides, whomever?? I supposed the part of me in conversation would be considered my higher self..the part of me with less or no ego left, that is willing to participate in a plan that the waking ego would resist.

Anyway, thanks for all of your thoughtful replies. I've received more helpful feedback from this website than I have from all my spiritual friends on Facebook. And for that I am truly grateful. Debra

Dec 30, 2009
The Galactic Races
by: Sydney

I agree. The galactic races are very scientific
and they look to us for the Heart Element.
They are loving in a geometrical way...
I love the Arcturian connection as they are
incredible healers. When I look at you, Debra,
I can see that you are adding the Heart Element
through your experience! Awesome!

Love and Light and Hugs,

Dec 29, 2009
by: SS

"But the disconcerting part is that instead of it feeling like a loving, spiritual plan, it feels more like a scientific experiment"

I know what you mean.. the interplanetary worlds are very scientific, come to learn my twin lives on a ship as science job of some kind. The DNA is very scientific too so..certain format..

Sirius B..maybe look into or the Oneness Ra..

Dec 29, 2009
by: Sydney

I think it may be about trust. That's so hard when we have experienced betrayal in our lives.
If you feel like you are being protected even
through out these light shows, then there is love
there. Trust is the hardest thing I've ever done and yet at the same time if something doesn't feel right and a red flag comes up one should be aware of this because lower energies try to masquerade as higher light and love essence. How does your gut feel about these light shows you are having?

I have had 3 incidences of light shows, no colors but brilliant white light and geometrical shapes during the holiday season so far. The first one felt painful. The second one was
blissful and body pain left and I felt a healing.
The third was just feeling like I was being upgraded and now I feel like only higher, love
energies can access me. Letting go of denser aspects of myself has been grueling and lonely but I persist. And I am consciously trying to dance The Golden Rule with my thoughts and feelings as well as my body. That definitely
helps me with fears and doubts and centers me in my gut awareness.

Hope this helps!


Dec 29, 2009
Thanks for your feedback
by: Debra Hitchcock

Thanks so much for the feedback. These visual disturbances started the same year that my family traged(ies) occurred, which is when my spiritual journey began. That's leads me to believe they are part of it. But it definitely helps to know I'm not the only one experiencing this.

You know, you'd think becoming clairaudient as part of my journey that I'd have access to the "truth" at any given time. But I cannot find spiritual validation from my "helpers". I guess the point is to learn to NOT seek external validation, yet you hear of the importance of spiritual mentoring as a way of helping you through "testing" times like these.

The "voices" do refer to parallel universes and interplanetary things. Some references to Sirius B. Very bizarre stuff. I just try to stay informed and read as much as I can...and keep an open mind.

But the disconcerting part is that instead of it feeling like a loving, spiritual plan, it feels more like a scientific experiment. Luckily I discovered Reiki, and go once a week to remember what positive loving energy feels like. Debra

Dec 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

Oh yea. Exact same thing, two other friends having them too!!

Dec 28, 2009
visually enhancing
by: DR

What do you think about having the test just to see what is being said? It might be helpful to rule out a medical diagnosis. Then again, it might be a long shot, especially if the 'lightshow' wasn't going on while the test was being done.

It seems that many things come to you visually (after looking at your expressive artwork), so it would be understandable that you would be affected or worked on visually in this way...

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