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To everyone on here you might want to read this

by Nikki

Hello everyone my name is Nikki,I just discovered this site last night and love reading everyones storys. I did share my own story last night. I would like to share my experiences and the conclusion to what I have found out on my journey in many years of researching why these things happen to us. Well first off let me say that I have always believed in God ever since I was maybe three or four years old. I was an only child at the time and can remember praying to God to give me a little sister. It was not long after that my sister was born. Then three years later my littlest sister was born so I feel God just didn't give me one but two sisters. That as far as I can remember was my first prayer answered from God. Through out my life there were things that happened to me that were sort of unexplainable. I'm not perfect and did stray a lot away from God at times in my life looking for answers when He was there all along waiting for me. One of my first encounters with Jesus was when I was 18. I was a very rebellious teenager and never listened to my mother. I got pregnant at 15 and married at 16 to a very abusive guy who at age 19 (about 9 months after we got married and had our son) had committed suicide while he was in jail for theft.Being so young and going through that I started getting close to God again reading the bible and praying all the time. Well my encounter with Jesus happened when I was 18. It was a normal night and I was living with my mother at the time. It must have been around dinner time. My cousin called I answered the phone and was talking to her for a bit.I looked over at the window and saw a perfect vision of Jesus in the window.He had shoulder length hair,wavy and it was like a light golden brown color.His eyes were blue.He had a green vine around His head with leaves. His skin was not dark nor real light.He had a white robe on.Now I could only see the top half of Him. He was about as big as a person as if they were looking in the window but it was not just someone dressed as Him looking in the window I know that.there was no way someone could have done that without having to stand on something pretty tall the windows were too high up. He was somewhat transparent.So I turned away in amazement and said to my cousin"I see Jesus in the window"she said"what."I turned back and He was still there for about maybe a whole minute then disappeared.I was amazed I knew it was Him there was no doubt in my mind.He did not say anything He just had a look like He was saying with His eyes "stay with me."Through the years I did pray on and off. I went astray a lot.I always felt this urgency though like we were in the last days.i always felt something telling me that in my soul. Even though I did see Him sometimes our mind does not process it and we can still stray away because we have our own will to chose good or evil and I guess all those years I never really realized how much I was sinning I just always thought God understood and I would still go to heaven because I was not a horrible person(that by the way was the wrong thing to think because I was making God into what I thought He should be not what He really is). Many years later I was very upset about something that had happened to me. I felt like people were just stepping on me left and right.I was in a very hard place in my life.So I was in my room one day and just started crying out to God asking"why am I always treated this way?I feel like no one appreciates me or what I do.Why do people always take advantage of me?"No one was home when I asked this and I was alone in my room. The next day I was still very upset in my car on my way to somewhere and had to stop for gas.As I was pumping the gas a man walked up to me and started to ask for directions I started to tell him then he started to say"I know you feel unappreciated and you feel like everyone takes advantage of you"he said"this is coming straight from God,God is telling me it's the people your surrounding your self with,you have got to stop surrounding yourself with these people"I did not know what to say so I said"are you an angel or something?"He just said "this is coming from God".I was amazed again!How could a total stranger know what I asked God?After that I still went astray I don't know why ,but I did.I was into aliens,bigfoot,ghost you name it I researched,but could never make the puzzle pieces fit.So just the past couple of years I started looking into the conspiracy about the powerful people in this world being from another planet and people saying they are reptilian.How people were getting abducted and the things that happened to them when they did. The so called aliens would violate them probe them hurt them but all the while they are doing this they are telling these people they are here to save them and they are safe.Some of these people had straight up horror stories!So I seen that then I started seeing things about hiphop artist and pop singers,testimonies of people that worked for them that were fired or quit because they found out what was really going on.They found out that they had to sign their name in blood and sell their soul to the devil in exchange for fortune and fame. Now I know it does sound far fetched but there is something very fishy about the music industry how almost every single one of them has some sort of satanic ritual going on right on stage when they are on tours.They also if you notice hold up satanic symbolism to get the crowd going and put up their hands to worship the artist image.They know exactly what they are doing.It is called idolism in the bible worshiping anything other than God and it is a big sin.(One of the commandments).Oh and speaking of the commandments be careful of the catholic church they took the 2nd commandment(You shall not make for yourself a carved image)look it up.So I kept researching and came to the realization that aliens are demons(satans army)they are here to deceive people and keep them from the truth.Because think about what is going on people are starting to believe in aliens more then God now right?Do not believe the deception!So after all this I started to really read the king james bible and pray hard I felt that God was calling me in a big way.I looked up the book of Enoch and found that there were angels that lusted over some young women on the earth.They disobeyed God and came down and mated with them.The product of that were giants and look they keep finding giant skulls everywhere on the earth. The angels are now demons and will stop at nothing to deceive Gods children.God made us in His own image and He has free will so therefore man has their own free will.What it comes down to is that we choose either God or satan.There is also biblical feast that God appointed to us which are not only for Jewish people but were meant for everyone but satan has blinded most of us to that fact.The Easter bunny,santa clause,and halloween are all evil pagan holiday traditions that got us away from the true ones.If you knew the real reason behind them you would be appalled!So one day I saw something on a show on tv this guy was saying "if you want to know the truth ask Jesus to show you,ask Him to show you that He loves you and that He will save you"so I did I prayed to Him.Now I just want to say that I don't ever remember having a dream of Jesus all through my life.Once I fell asleep I dreamed that He lifted me up through the ceiling and He was there infront of me.He was so beautiful and I felt like I was a child.He gave me the biggest and most loving hug I ever felt.I said "Jesus You are Lord" and He started to cry and The dream was the most vivid real dream that I ever had I thought that I was really awake.He showed me that He loves me and He saved me.There is a spiritual battle going on right now.Please don't take this lightly,give you life up to our Lord He is coming back very soon and the people that did not repent and accept Him will be left behind.Most of the churches are not telling people this because they are afraid to scare people and then they won't have the money from them.He is the only way into heaven.You have to have a relationship with Him,know Him,and believe He died on the cross and was resurrected by the Father to get into heaven.Time is running out.Read the bible,you do not want to be left here when our Lord Jesus comes back for His elect.It is going to be hell on earth like you can not imagine.Since I seen Him that time I have had many encounters with Him.Do not worship anything or anyone but God put Him first in your life above all!He loves all of us and all sin is forgiven once you repent even the most filthy sin will be forgiven.Just look around you and read the Revelation in the bible it matches.We have two more bloodmoons coming next year.Bloodmoons are in the bible.Don't ignore this ask Jesus to show you and it says in the bible that He will but sometimes all it takes is to ask.God Bless you all.

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