transcending Auras

by marina
(new zealand)

Just about six months ago i have noticed.a.change in how i feel others vibrations,
I feel it as an extremely.strong force blowing on me, trying to get me off my body... that was before i found out that i was resisting the vibration in stead of taking it in or transcend it.
Once i found out tht i can simply let.that energy right through me most of the symptoms stopped.
I m still trying to get over the initial unexpected moment where i have a hot flash followe by the energy stream, but i beleive i am getting there
Once you let it in you ll find connecting with the person that shared it with you pretty good...if it s anegative emotion though....let it go through u and than recharge yourself with your chosen.tecnique. do not let it.stay unless it is of some sort.of use to you.
God bless

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