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True of false

by Brian
(Colombia, South America)

If one is about to enter a Transition period, is it true or false that;
1. you need to be in the right place at the right time?
2. if this is your time, surely the transition will happen where ever you are and at any chosen time?
The truth is important to me please, so I would appreciate your help please.
Many thanks,

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by: Sally

There is no wrong way or time. It unfolds in divine right timing and order.


Trust that you are where you are suppose to be at all times and having the effect you are suppose to be right now. There are no wrong times, places,... your soul knows exactly what you contracted for even if you can't remember. Just ask to be divinely guided along your path each and every day and for the guidance to come in in a way you can hear and trust. There are no mistakes and all is perfect now.

by: Janet

Brian, transition is a choice. We have free will. We can choose to be open to it or we can block it and make it difficult or impossible, its our choice. Personally the biggest part of me chooses transition but, I admit there is a little part of me deep inside that sometimes trys to block it in fear. So, I give that fear to the Angels and ask them to take it and help me expand.

Hello :)
by: Anonymous

HI Brian my name is Leigha
I have wondered this myself when I became aware consciously of the transition. The truth for me is I don't know either. But I feel as the changes here on earth and inside us happen we will know the answer to your and my question at exactly the right time. And that time is when we will have choice to do or not to do, so to speak. Leigha

by: Alex

Brian, there are definitely no right or wrong places to be. It almost feels if where you are now or when it takes place is the right place no matter what. If it's taking place than obviously you're in the right place and if you weren't where you were say 2 weeks ago where you learned a valuable lesson. Maybe without that lesson it wouldnt be happening. So really as weird as it seems everything happens for a reason and thus you are always in the right place. My best to you and good luck to you in this new time

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