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Trust yourself and God

by Theresa
(Lahaina, HI)

I think I am a lightworker. I have so many stories, but the most recent one is being a caregiver for my brother who had cancer. I know God sent me there to help him see the light. This is not something you can force someone to do. You can only introduce them to the possibilities. The rest is really up to God. God asked me to get Him an "audience" with my brother, so I went the 3,000 miles to care of my brother and do what God requested.
For the eight weeks I was with him 24/7, we didn't discuss too much,but occasionally touched on prayer, forgiveness and acceptance. When I originally told my brother that God wanted an 'audience' with him, he said, "What does He want?" I laughed and said, "I don't know; that is between you two." Over the next eight weeks he slowly considered the options, and I could see that he started meditating as if he was having serious conversations with God.
When he passed, I was lucky enough to be holding him in my arms and he passed peacefully with a restful look on his face. A couple of weeks later I had a vision of my brother swimming upstream like an Olympic champion and doing flips and jumps like a Dolphin. He was excited and overjoyed. Funny thing is my brother has never been a swimmer. He didn't like to get his head in the water.
I believe he reconciled with God before he died. He didn't live a perfect life, but in the end he was able to accept God back into his life and find joy. I feel very lucky to have been chosen to be the conduit that helped him have that "audience" with God. Actually, I have prayed to God for him for years, and God answered my prayers in a very loving and compassionate way.
This is one of many stories, and a more personal one. Other encounters have been with strangers, but just as powerful. I sometimes think I am put in a situation for a reason. I can't explain it fully but I feel rich in the love of God,the power of Jesus and the energy of the Holy Spirit.
Even though my life is challenging in many ways economically and socially, I feel exceptionally blessed and rich spiritually. So many people just don't understand and avoid me, But I have the best friend I could ever hope for, God.

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