Unexplained aches, pains, and sensitivities

by Denise
(Houston, TX)

After reading about skin rashes and pains in the body that explains alot! I have pain in my hip area that comes and goes along with sudden skin rashes. I am very sensitive to energy and can tell when someone has repressed emotions by the vibration they give off. TV, music, and mundane things I use to do are all losing appeal to me because I sense the energy it gives off. I experience times when I want to be alone to sort of cut off the influx of negative energy. Being around certain people can be very heavy and I want to get away. Sometimes I can't look people in the eyes because I feel i'm invading their privacy. I've always felt different than others but now it's very intense. Sometimes I feel like I scare people away with what I can sense from them, the truth. My sister thinks I've joined a cult because of the things I talk about. A friend thinks I have depression because of the intensity and pain. I know that it's just people's programming to think this way. I knew that something intense was going on but had no one to talk to about it. I asked God to accelerate the process but with that request came all the intense symptoms. A few times I had rushes through my body to the point I could barely move and my muscles cramped up. The last time it happened I was driving and had to pull over and I began crying, I felt emotionally overwhelmed. I felt an intense wave of compassion towards people and told God that they are hurting. I cannot explain where this came from. I have a two year old daughter and I KNOW that she is special and gifted with something from God. The aches and pain are more intense, I know that something is about to happen but can't explain it to anyone. I have a get ready feeling and love while you got the chance to. The birth of my daughter sparked something, I know she's here for a special reason. At first I use to think why me, my life was a mess. Now it has become more clear.

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