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Unity of Cosmic Transformations

by S Ali

During the transformational process of high solar flare activity, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and the intensified frequency shift of the planet Earth, many people think that these are the only phenomena that affect us as we elevate in consciousness and are transformed in our DNA. However, there are other cosmic occurrences which are having a cleansing, clearing and transforming affect upon the Earth, and this is the vibrational pulsation that is coming from the Photon Belt which is gradually enveloping our Earth more profoundly. The Photon Belt is a protective shield of energy which, although it too has frequencies of radiation, its higher purpose is the cleansing and clearing of toxicities which have built-up over the space/time continuum of Earth's history. The pulsations that it gives-off can cause some of the same symptoms that solar flares and CMEs do. What we must understand and process is that planets comprise galaxies; galaxies comprise universes; and universes comprise the entire multi-verse also called the "cosmos". Earth is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Ancient scriptures teach that there are billions of universes, and thus, the universe that Earth's galaxy is a part of is just one of them. Consequently, there is unity in the cosmos. The changes in our DNA are not just happening because of solar flares or CMEs. They are also not occurring just because of the shifting of the Earth itself called the "Schumann Resonance". The Photon Belt is also playing its part. Like a beautiful symphony that is heard when all of the instruments of an orchestra play together, the cosmos is playing a symphony, and all of the universes, galaxies and planets are instruments. We, too, are a part of the symphony. We play both individual and collective tunes as we transform physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All of creation is playing a grand concert. Let us listen carefully and remain in-tune with the "Divine Conductor". Namaste.

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