Universal tones

by Dr. Thomas Hora

It has been the experience of this ONE that when the tones in the Universe are transforming, We sit in meditation and simply
Listen to the atonement and a-tunement of the Universe. We become "Free To" Be with whatever tones are in the area with non-judgement or fear ( false evidence ) if fear does arise we dismiss this as .....................in-ordained tone and move along to this Gratitude .............
Dr. Thomas Hora
Thank you for the I of the I that hears Thee
The ear of the ear that sees thee......
The Christ Conscious Mind of Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent
INCORPOREAL Omni-Responsive Light
The LIGHT of the LIGHT that glows as ONE
I and the Father are one.............

Dr. Hora calls this the prayer of atonement
WE are atoned and atuned ALL THE DAYS OF THIS JOURNEY

love light atonement be with us all

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