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Unusual Symptoms

by Sheila

Just within the last 4 months I have had signficant changes such as extreme crying episodes when I am at home alone, sleeping for less than 2 or three hours a night, eating once a day on less than 100 calories in which I feel full all day, and I have a spot on my face that will not heal. I have been to five different doctor's and have been on four different antibotics. The spot has finally started to close, however it is a very distinct mark on my face. Also all my life I had a cluster of freckles on my inner-upper left arm that has now turned into what looks like a birthmark in a diamond shaped. I have a sudden interest in crystal healing, meditation, and I was driving down a road and I had this feeling that I needed to go down this street and was drawn to a very old willow tree? I am usually a very straight forward and sensible woman and now I am just now coming across these Ascension articles on the internet, peculiar!

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