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What am I Experiencing

by Fiona

Dearest Mashubi,

I am sending you much love, light and hugs.

My challenges are not so great with regards my health I am blessed in that area. However when I gain clarity and momentum it feels like I am being dragged back down again. I launched a Reiki share in my area and spent a wonderful day in nature the following day only to then have a week of flu. When I go in nature I feel connected, I am blessed to have spiritual support but some days like yourself I find it difficult to get motivated. I feel sad when I see so many people around me in pain, however I am wise enough to know that this is their journey. Keep up the good work and focus on your healing journey. Love you so much Fionaxx

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Sep 17, 2009
Thank you
by: Mashubi

Thank you dearest Fiona! Yes, I experience alternating "waves" that sound similiar to your experience of some times of clarity and then other times being dragged down. Some days I feel light and a forward moving energy. Other days I feel no energy, or contraction, or more difficult energies. These seem to alternate pretty regularly. Thank you so much for your love! With much love, Mashubi

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