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What is happening to My Body?

by Chris
(Birmingham, England)

Hi, my name is Chris and I'm 21, from the UK. I have an almost constant high pitched ringing in my right ear, and somethings both. If it's not there and I think about it's absence, it comes back. I also have a lot of twitching episodes. I can't say what limb is worst off, even my head twitches. As do my arms, legs and jaw.

I had this moment yesterday when I was watching a movie where there was a spaceship just slowning turning, and spinning in the midst of the universe. I watched the ship intensely and felt as if my whole body was moving with, and it was like waves of this euphoric feeling inside. Honestly, I believe it was the true feeling of Love. Love's ultimate force, in my body. We were and are one, I too believe that we are all one.

I have major waves of sadness and even cry, for the earth. The earth and the people here that just don't know that there is more to life than the matter and materialism of what people do, see, and are brained washed by. I just wish that that every single person on earth would stop for a moment and put out a pure flush of love for earth and for it to be beautiful and looked after, loved, and appreciated. You know?

I just wish that I could hear from my spirit guides, or see them, or something. I don't know anybody like me that I can actually have with me, that I can see in person.

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