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Would like some commentary and help please!

by Tara

My name is Tara. I have been sensitive to energy my whole life. I would walk into a room and often feel how others where feeling. When i was younger it made my parents angry that i always knew when they where mad or that something was wrong. I never really knew it was differant. I just was. I started to see lights around people so i started to research in 8th grade and started to learrn alot. I feel that i have progressed and become better and better at feeling people and knowing what is wrong. I can give and take energy from people and often freak people out because they dont understand what they feel when i touch their chest. I get a high from certain energies and often feel fatigue because no matter how hard i try to protect myself from bad energy it still affects me. Im often reagrranging my room and changing my clothes and getting rid of old things and getting new things. I Never knew that was because of the eergy untill i read this and now it makes alot of sense. Ive never really meet anyone that is intune with energy like me. or that can feel what i feel on sucha deep level. I can feel people from states away and have often made them wonder how i can feel them from so far away i really dont know how to explain it to them. Because ive never meet anyone like me i often feel alone and weird. I have tried to deny my sensitive as just being weird or crazy but im way to accuret with people and i cant make it go away. ive been this way for as long as i can remeber. Im now in my 20s and have learned alot and currently trying to find out my exact life mission. if anyone would like to tell me anything id appreciate it.

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