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Your Light Body Tips

by Mashubi

Please share what kinds of practical tips you have found to be helpful in supporting your light body and easing the discomforts of the spiritual transformation process!

Comments for Your Light Body Tips

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Dec 06, 2013
by: Ben

Im not a hundred percent sure. Life is suffering these days we attach so much to technology and material living. I hope we centralize our thinking and live for ourselves not media and expectations in society. Freedom. But how do we get there. A mind with less suffering.

Dec 31, 2011
supporting your lightbody
by: Annula

trust your innertuition
and follow it always

Go within go within yourself for truth and direction
Ask ask your questions in the right manner and the answers and direction must come
by and with excitment, excitment that tingling all over and quivering is the key
It will feel like your own sparkle
do this every day
this I know works for everything from nutrition, to work, new paths, daily issues, relationships, states of being, illusions, and shopping
healing, and do share with like minded hearts and souls
we nourish each other

Ask Ask and it must come
Hold your light with honor, it is your frequency of change, transformation and love is the doorway
and when is sucks there is always chocolate ! Organic of course organic matters
love and hugs from this heartflame

*** Listen to your self and never give you power away,when it goes just pull the leash back no-one knows more than your Lightbody it is the whole you
I will joyously - meet you out there ,where we all gather and co create together

Apr 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

ice baths
sleeping outdoors in clean fresh air
buy grow lights and grow your own salad and tomatoes ,herbs

garden work, working with earth or plants, trees

Jan 11, 2011
Protien and Water
by: Anonymous

I have come to trust that my body knows what is best for me at any given moment. Protien is a must for me but on certain days veggies and dairy are a must. Also dark cocoa and almonds feel good to me. If I deny myself I feel like I'm evaporating; necoming transparent.
The key is to trust your desires and be honest with yourself when you are eating something that does not nourish your specific body.The otherday I ate something that did not feel like the right chioce for me and I payed heavely for it! :(
TRUST HONESTY and NON- JUDGEMENT(of your desires) has been highly beneficial to me.
oh and drink lot of WATER WATER WATER!!

Sep 12, 2010
Light body tips
by: Jennie

Hi all
I have found Meditation great for slowing down heart and blood pressure.I also have found that if you close your eyes and imagine a glass tube filled with gold light above your head, and ask for this light to flow into your crown chakra,let it fill every part of your bring this includes organs, cells etc then make the intent to send it down into mother earth helps ground energies and remove any unwanted emotions or feelings you are holding at this time of change.
Our bodies are having to take on more light and this is causing our physical much discomfort but it will be well worth it, hold on tight it will soon pass, and then the human Angel will emerge just like a beautiful butterfly from its cocoon, with wings of radiant colours. x

Sep 11, 2010
light body symptoms and tips
by: Dita

Wish you good success with your website. I found it very helpful and supportive.
I am 34 years old and lately often go through sudden rises of heartbeat up to 100 (with low blood pressure (70/100). A very small dose (1/4 of a pill of coffetamine (pain reliever containing coffeine) is helpful. However I notice that it is possible to bear the pain easily if being confident that they are only sign of cell transformation within me. How do you deal with low blood pressure in combination with high heartbeat? Any hints?
My blood cells (according to Ayurvedic doctor) in the brain area behind my eyes were in a very active state. The best remedy was Ayurvedic oil massage. Oil is a heavy substance and perfectly helps with grounding and balancing.
The new energies speeded up my brain processes too much to handle and I needed to stop eating any raw food or vegetables and switch back to cooked vegetables and meat dishes.
Sleeping at daytime and contemplating about the dreams is very good for me also.
Lately I have found a new way to communicate with my body. I ask a question and recieve as a response a non intended body movements which starts to make more and more sense for me.
I have been through neck spasms and from time to time they return, but allways when there is nobody near me. I think body is releasing some stress as I have no better explanation what is going on. Can you explain why the spasms occur?
A homeopathy doctor and healer noticed a dense energy concentration above my head. I have read in other sources there are new energethic centres being formed above our heads.
I notice that it takes shorter time to heal emotional wounds and find a way to forgiveness. I am now working on my fears and wish to become more integrated.

Dita from Latvia
Lots of love for You

Jul 28, 2010
focus in lightbody
by: Anna

In this rapidly accelerated multi dimensional shifts to the new place we are going through
As Lightbodies we have a head start and a heads up so to speak
this is what I do and it has worked for 20 years firmly
focus on the point in the centre of my chest my high heart centre grab on and go in it and BREATH THREE TIMES
OR TILL I am anchored on my lightbody
this is home

really go within
it -deeply
listen lots to tapes or mp3 and audio of your favourite channelings and teachers
the vibration will calm and uplift your frequency
talk and share heart to heart heart to jeart with other intelligent beings and lightbodies
if you don;t have them around shout loud and ask for them I did.they appeared magically IT WORKS
create your own lightbody circle or group
and do the breathwork, meditations for lightbody and have fun

keep life as simple clear and stress free as possible we re lighter beings and need to float light as a balloon UP
drop that excess baggage SNAP SNAP let it go that frees up my energy

there is much more when it downloads I will share
hugs from the heart and higher seals

PS be alone and be wise with your energy you earned baby !!!
revel in your own divinity
and sparkling vortex..........

Apr 18, 2010
Hello friends
by: Anonymous

1) Rice protein powder for shakes. Specifically the one called Medi clear by Thorne. It rocks! I can feel the protein etc... going in my body and helping it work.

2)Saying "NO" to people.

3)Weeding the weeds out of my life!
Do you catch my drift?
4)Being around children and animals often. These precious ones love to be loved. It really gets energy flowing through me to be around them.

Apr 13, 2010
My Light Body Tips
by: Jennie

If this helps just one other person then it will be worth sharing.
Only a few weeks ago I had mass clearout of clutter, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I had around me, so first I cleared out then cleaned up. When it was not to cold I opened windows or burnt incence. I used my small symbols going in every room letting the chimes ring out which also clears energies, at times I felt drawn to play music of all kinds and turned up the volume.
I then created an alter in my living room, a focal point for not only myself but others to. All this happened in a matter of weeks, but the changes it has made have been wonderful.
If you have a garden use it when ever possible sit in it take off your shoes and feel mother Earth beneath your feet, this earths your energies.
I had gone through the sleeping stage, and oh boy did I sleep I had no choice but to lay down, which drove me crazy as I had lots to do, but it was so out of my control.
I still have to bath some times twice a day as this makes me feel so much lighter afterwards.
i am still carrying aches and pains but this will move as time goes on. I bless the pain as I know it will be worth it in the end. Just love yourself and give you what you need. Love and Light x

Apr 04, 2010
I highly recommend this book
by: Anonymous

If you want to go vegetarian, I highly recommend the following book:

Foods for Health and Healing, Remedies and Recipes based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, PhD. This is a great book published by the Kundalini Research Institute in 1983. There is so much good advice in there about how to use food to sustain yourself in a healthy way and for medicine. It is available on Amazon, and I noticed that, unlike so many books, there are no super cheap copies available. That says to me that no one who has a copy wants to give it up. The new price is $14.95, which is not bad for a treasure trove of information.

Vegetarianism has been a problem for me over the years, and I never have been able to sustain it over a long period of time. I have been criticized for this, but the people who have criticized me aren't living my life. I am. I try to avoid eating a lot of meat, but I do eat some. I feel that a person has to do what is best for him or her at his or her stage of development and state of health.

A kind Indian doctor told me that I might be able to be a vegetatian if I took high protein drinks, but I found that they made me sick. I can't tolerate that much concentrated protein at one time, even if it's pea protein. So, I think I do need to be on a low protein diet, which I generally follow, although it does include some meat and cheese. I think most of are in an unfortunate time to try to be vegans because of the depleted soil the fruits and veges are grown in. Even the organic fruits and veges are not very good. However, I will always believe that in an ideal world vegetarianism is best and that those who say that eating animal food gives you animal tendencies are right.

Mar 22, 2010
light bodytips
by: jeannettantonie

Light Body Tip #2 - Drink plenty of water ... lots and lots of it!

if you weight 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces per day of water. If anyone here can help me translate these into metric equivalents, please let me know!

if you weight 68kg drink 2.2 liters ...

Feb 20, 2010
good food
by: Roz

I think most of what you say is great. But for someone like myself, I cannot eat too much raw food as the light has affected my stomach area. Eating lettuce is like eating paper for me. I need nourishing and warming foods, cooked. In Ayurvedic medicine, there are different body types and the raw food regime would be awful for some of them. I just wanted to make this comment, that as long as the food is healthy, then it doesnt always have to be 'raw'.
Really enjoying your site. I have had these symptoms for a while now, and have charted the course for a few years, so it is nice to see it online too.

Feb 07, 2010
Conversion to metric
by: Lisa Young

Listed is the ratio of water in imperial scale as 150 pounds needs 75 fl oz of water per day.

The conversion in metric is 68 kg equates to 2.2 litres of water per day.

I have enjoyed reading the information on your website and have been aware of my light body for a number of years now.

A book you may be interested in reading by Debbie Shapiro - Your body speaks your mind. I have found it useful as a guide to understand my physical body and how my emotions are affecting it.

Thank you :)

Jan 21, 2010
Light work and fats
by: Anonymous

Hi, great stuff on your website.

Through personal experience I have come to believe that it is very important to eat the right fats for light workers: there is a lot of fat in the brain, the nerves are sheathed with certain fats - think it is called myelin, and ie the cell walls are built via something called lecitin.

My idea is simply that when the body adapts to higher vibrations, all the systems involved in this are put under pressure, so I say eat your fish, omega pills, nuts etc :-)

Oct 18, 2009
Body Changes
by: Claren Alexander

Hi! Thanks for the great tips! Things I wasn't aware of re: energy and objects in our immediate home environment. My body these days, is really reacting well or poorly to everything I do! Epson salt in my bath water is really soothing, not wearing shoes or any jewelry when I'm home seems to feel good and peaceful. I'm completely changing what I eat as my body is sending strong signals to "lighten up". Am going more vegan, but still require some dairy and meat (and fish) products, to avoid feeling spacey and ungrounded. I have a very high energy level and have always found a lot of water to be vital in general! I also create a green, private nature area which acts as a buffer and provides great healing from the excessive stimulus of "mainstream life". These places can be in a room, outdoors, or a porch etc. Also touching and interacting with plants, ponds, birdbaths and SWIMMING, SWIMMING in a solar heated pool which I just put in, accelerates and prolongs a kind of body and spirit communion and freedom to JUST BE!~ Thanks for all the gifts you bring!

Apr 16, 2009
Different tips
by: Munay

Water you cooked with pieces of fresh ginger, like the yogi´s do. Can seems purifying.

Drinking cooked water that you let colding.

Or water with lemonjuice in it.

Putting a crystal in a glass of water and drink the water the day after.

Knowing that every emotion or thought you got
doesnt come from your soul. But could be a result of previous experiences, that may have given you a blockage. And you can let go when you are ready for it.( Even if it sometimes might seems hard )

Litting incenses, there is special incenses for cleaning.

Holding a stone in the hand and feeling the vibration of its power.

Taking a walk in the forrest and listening to naturesounds.

Spend time with someone that gives you unconditional love, (might be a loved animal).

Taking timeout from televison or computor for a while.

Stop watching violence... ( I do no longer watch movies with violence).

Beeing creative... (maybe make a jewellry to wear with colours that makes you glad).

Listening to if you get a good or bad feeling inside before you make a decision.(My soul did often answer with a bad feeling when I was about to do something that wasnt good for me.)

Remind you of why you are going throw a cleaningprocess and what it will lead to.
Love yourself for that you can make it.

Apr 05, 2009
by: Antraeus

Remembering to breathe, to be present, and channelling energies through remembering to feel love.

Nov 25, 2008
revved-up heart rate
by: Cheryl

I found when I was feeling this revved up heartrate it was kind of scary. Drinking a glass of ICE cold water and lying down for awhile really helped to settle it down quicker.

Nov 14, 2008
being in the sun
by: Anonymous

I go out in the sun as much as i can...this help to give me energy and cheer up depression. when i am tired the sun helps

Nov 14, 2008
Yes, water!!
by: Mashubi

Thank you dearest one, I do this too and it definitely can help. I also drink a lot of water while in the bath, it really is a relief.

Nov 14, 2008
Salt baths
by: Anonymous

when i feel too much energies i scrub my body with salt in the shower, and then take a salt bath. it REALLY helps!!

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