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Article : Anchoring the new light

"You may be experiencing all manner of new physical symptoms that do not respond to traditional treatments. The reason for this is that the higher vibrations of light are transforming the cellular DNA into a new energy configuration which is incompatible with many of the treatments currently in existence, especially those that are plant based on medicines derived from plants."

When I read the above I was perplexed. I wanted to ask about the plant essences. All the other guidelines in this article I am already doing but I was surprised and intrigued by what you said about the plant remedies. I use the flower essences, including Bach and Bush remedies to help accelerate my healing and support my transition as much as possible. Would really appreciate if you could help me with this one as I regularly use these remedies throughout the day along with crystals etc.
Thank you

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Plant essences
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest Adele,

Thank you for this excellent question. My understanding of this guidance is that it was speaking about physical plant remedies such as herbs and botanicals, rather than plant essences.

Plant essences have a vibrational signature that exists in a different realm than the actual physical plant, and so they seem to be more in the realm of vibrational remedies.

Plant essences have so many healing properties and I encourage you to continue them if you find them helpful. I will ask those in the Realms of Light to provide more detailed information about plant essences in future articles, as there are so many people finding a benefit from them.

Love and blessings to you.

New article on plants
by: Mashubi

Hello again Adele,

The guidance on this came through very quickly today and so there is a new article here that shares more about plants and the transformation of the Earth. Thank you for asking this question!

Plant Essences, Plant Remedies and Sacred Plants on the New Earth

Thank you
by: Adele

Hi Mushabi,

I just want to say thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and answering the question I had. The article was very interesting.

lots of love and light to you :)

by: Mashubi

You are so welcome dearest Adele! Thank you for such a wonderful question which brought this new guidance! Love and blessings to you.

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