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Plant Essences, Plant Remedies And Sacred
Plants On The New Earth

June 16, 2009

Dearest Beloved Friends,

The higher dimensions of light that are anchoring and establishing themselves into the physical dimensions of Earth are creating transformation for not only the human beings and human bodies on the Earth, but for all of the plant and animal kingdoms as well.

The plant kingdom especially is going through a transitional phase now. Plants are the meditators between the light of the sun and the deep roots of the Earth. They have a transformational capacity that is based on not only their role as carriers and transformers of light, but also because of their capacity to transmit divine intelligence.

Plants do this in three ways, and that is why they are an integral part of the transformational process of the Earth.

First, each plant has its own unique energy signature, vibration, and spiritual purpose within the divine whole. A plant exists in relationship with the Earth and in a state of perpetual communion with the Earth.

Different plants existed on the Earth 100 years past, because the needs of humanity an all beings at that time were different. Plants have a strong sense of purpose, and grow best when fully connected to their purpose and when allowed to express and fulfill this purpose.

In most recent times as technology and communication have accelerated, and as humanity has migrated to all areas of the Earth, the roles of plants also have changed. It used to be that they existed in specific locations, anchoring specific vibrations and also offering nourishment, support and sustenance to those in their areas.

Now as people have migrated, so have plants. Some plants find themselves in new areas of the Earth, disconnected from their original purpose and from the energy signatures of the Earth that used to sustain them. Some plants feel a sense of disruption and respond by overgrowing themselves, in an effort to attempt to establish some new sense of connection with purpose and with the energetic templates of the Earth that they require for harmonious sustenance.

Within this sea of change, plants also experience relationships with each other and with the animals, rocks, trees and Earth around them. As they have moved and changed, so these relationships have become disrupted which has also caused a disruption for the energy bodies of the Earth, since all parts of the Earth are One in divine harmony.

So, in this time of profound transformation, as the higher dimensions of light are anchoring themselves on the Earth, much change is happening for the ecology, flora and fauna of the planet.

Some plants and animals are no longer needed on the New Earth, and are retreating from the physical dimensions and returning to the realms of spirit. Other plants and animals are in the process of finding new roles. Some new species of plants and animals are developing in response to the new vibration on the planet.

Transmitting Divine Intelligence

Plants each carry their own divine energy signature and purpose, and some sensitive souls are created with this innate ability to commune with plants and to discern their divine purpose.

Some plants exist to anchor specific healing vibrations for the bodies of other living beings, and these plants would be considered your medicinal herbs, spices, and teas. These plants work with the physical body, organs and tissues to bring a realignment and balancing of all body systems.

Some plants exists to support, uplift and nourish the emotional and spiritual aspects of other living beings. These plants would be your flowering plants, which are now being understood to have not only uplifting and pleasurable aspects, but also have profound emotional healing benefits. As the emotional bodies are balanced and healed, all parts of the being come into greater alignment. The new flower remedies being discovered provide emotional and spiritual healing and work not only with the energy bodies but with the light body, to help provide an integration of the purification process.

Some plants exist to support the evolution and transformation of the planet and all her inhabitants. These plants are deeply connected with the soul of the Earth and with the larger galactic frequencies of which the Earth is a part. These plants are those considered sacred teachers within indigenous cultures, that have the capacity to transform consciousness and re-align a separated consciousness with it's divine counterparts.

Transformation of Plants on the New Earth

Beloved ones, at this time plants are undergoing an energetic shift, much as human beings are. There is a deeper realignment with their spiritual essence, and there is a "changing of the guard" happening as older and denser plants release themselves from their previous purpose and make way for new plants with new purposes for a new time.

Human created environmental disruption has created much suffering for the plant kingdom, however the divine intelligence of the New Earth has the capacity to re-balance herself, with the aid of all loving souls who wish to support her efforts.

All individual and group activities of light that call forth God's glory to the Earth provide nourishment to the Earth in her transformational process. Know that as you make your way through each day, tending to your own purification and transformation process, that you are assister her divine being to transform as well. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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