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Changes To The New Light Body

June 25, 2010

Dearest Beloved Friends,

As you have no doubt been aware, there are some significant changes happening to the new light body at the present time. The new levels of embodied spiritual light on the Earth are creating a disruption in the entrenched forms of third dimensional manifestation. The greater light is catalyzing cellular levels of change within all physical bodies, and within the consciousness of those whose souls are manifested within bodies.

Beloved ones, the light has two actions, both of which are necessary for the raising of the vibration of physical matter. The first is, that the light infuses physical matter, quickens the movement of atoms and sub-atomic particles, which creates a closer connection between those particles and their non-physically embodied counterparts that exist in the realms of thought and intention, which is also known as the realms of spirit.

Because all souls are here on the Earth through their own divine intention, and because everything in the physical world has been created from intention, so do all physically manifest objects have their own non-physical counterparts. As the distance between the realms of spirit and the physical realms becomes less and less, matter that is located in the physical realms begins to take on more of the properties of the spiritual realms. It is less solid, more fluid, more easily changed.

So you are seeing this in your physical world on many levels. For example, the world of technology has opened up a new consciousness that is fluid, ever adapting, and that attempts to connect people to one another. As the Earth's transition into light is progressing, her weather patterns have become more unpredictable.

Some of the most significant changes are largely not noticed by the media, which are related to changes within the physical bodies of all of humanity. Many are registering this change each in their own way. Older people may assume they are simply "getting older" and have more aches and pains. Younger people may be alarmed to experience so many unusual and intense physical symptoms. Children for the most part do not have the words to express what they are feeling in their bodies, however they are also being affected by the strengthening of spiritual light on the Earth. They may need more quiet time and rest in the midst of the rapidly changing energetic atmosphere.

Beloved ones, at the present time there is a massive momentum of change happening within the physically embodied realms of the Earth. This is causing some of the most significant upsurge of unusual physical symptoms that have to date been manifested on the Earth.

It is important at this time to remain connected to your inner guidance. This part of you understands what is happening and will guide you. You may need assistance with some symptoms, in order to help your physically embodied being to move into the new vibration that awaits. Some symptoms may require longer term interventions, and by flowing with the process and trusting how you are being led, your body will be able to manage the changes and the challenges of this time.

Beloved ones, a new time is arriving that will provide a more supportive energetic vibration of embodied light on the Earth, which will ease the intensity of light body symptoms that is currently in process. By joining your loving intention and energy with others on a regular basis, this will speed the manifestation of light on the Earth. We invite you to join with us each week in the One World Meditations which is a powerful vehicle for the manifestation of this new light on the Earth. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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