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Completion Of What Has Passed

March 16, 2009

Dearest Beloved Friends,

As One who has passed through many phases of development both embodied and in the spiritual realms, you are carrying much more inner wisdom that you currently have access to. The split between left and right, past and present, separate and One, embodied self and higher self are all unique manifestations of the divine world of form, which has been for so many eons existing at a vibrational, frequency very different than that of the spiritual realms.

Now, at this sacred time in Earth's history, the vibrational difference between the physical and non-physical world is transforming, and the realms of spirit are more accessible to humanity than ever before. This is creating some confusion and disorientation among many embodied souls who find themselves having new experiences on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Some are experiencing an upsurge of unusual body symptoms which seem to have no medical basis or resolution, and which appear and disappear seemingly of their own accord. Some are feeling intensified emotions, both positive and negative, and are experiencing changes in their sense of identity and self. Some have entered into a process that may feel like the "dark night of the soul" where one is stripped of seemingly all outer supports, and left to walk only with the mantle of God's light and love to guide them. Still others are experiencing spiritual awakenings, some dramatic and sudden, others a gradual evolution. All souls are experiencing the process of spiritual purification which is restoring all of creation to divine sanctity and holiness.

There are some souls who are going through a unique process at this time, who entered consciously to the Earthly dimensions specifically to assist in the transformation of the Earth. These souls have been engaged in service work, or preparation for service work for many years. These souls who have a specialized function are evolving a new kind of light body that carries the dimensional frequency of the stars and galaxies within their cellular DNA. This evolution is purposeful, and is carrying these souls into new and unfamiliar territory that has never before been experienced by human beings. At this time, an old phase is being completed so a completely new life can begin which can embody, express and transmit these interdimensional frequencies of light within the framework of embodied time and space.

This website was created for this purpose, to prepare the way for souls who are in need of support in this unique process of spiritual transformation on all levels of being. What is needed at this time is a conceptual framework with which to understand what is happening to one's body and consciousness, and the support of light to strengthen the conscious awareness of inner guidance so that navigation along these new pathways becomes more clear.

Beloved ones, as the time arrives for more light to manifest within your body, mind and spirit, you will be guided and led to what you most need so that you may continue your sacred path during this momentous time. We bless your faithfulness, your love and your commitment to divine service. With all love and blessings to you. May all beings be blessed.

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