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Daily Practices Of Light

March 23, 2011

Dearest Friends,

Your sacred physical bodies are being dramatically affected by the major energetic transitions and transformations that are happening on the Earth. For some souls these changes are quite profound, for others the effects may be less noticeable.

At the present time dearest friends, it will be useful for you to create tangible structures in your daily life to support the entrance of the new vibrations of spiritual light that are now anchoring into the physical reality of Earth.

Some of you already have a daily prayer, meditation or healing practice, however you may find that this may not be enough in the present spiritual atmosphere of the Earth. It is more useful at the present time to gather with others on a regular basis to affirm the presence of light, and to share your human, daily experiences, thoughts and feelings.

The reason for this is that the present intensity level of spiritual purification has created an atmosphere that can be challenging to navigate, making it difficult to feel light and to anchor in one's higher self and consciousness.

Places of vulnerability, doubt and fear within are amplified in the mind and emotions, and are fed by the larger cosmic energies that are being purified.

These energies also accumulate within the energy field, especially for those who are working as healers and helping others to purify and transform.

The simple act of gathering together with even one other person creates a stronger field of light which can help to hold and support the consciousness of light even during such an intense time.

At the present time, even one physical day contains within it so much, and so it will be useful to create a daily practice that anchors light on a regular basis.

At this time it is helpful to reassess one's dietary choices and daily habits, to see what additional supports can nourish light in the body.

One often neglected practice of light involves making time to rest, even for a few minutes each day. Rest, and especially lying down, allows the body and energy field to release accumulated energies, and to restore itself in the midst of the rapidly changing energy configurations of the present time.

Beloved friends, we give great thanks for your dedication, love and service to the Earth and to all of humanity at this significant time on the Earth. With all love and blessings and gratitude.

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