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Emotions and the Multidimensional Self

By GurujiMa

Emotional Healing and the New Light Body - Part 5

Human beings individually and humanity as a whole are accustomed to identifying selfhood with the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of the physically embodied self. This is understandable, since for most of human history, a curtain has been drawn across the energetic pathways that connect the physical self and the higher aspects of that self. This curtain has been an intrinsic part of embodiment within the Earths evolutionary cycle. It was created out of the choice made by incarnating souls to experience the realm of form as the path to their own independent selfhood. As a result of this energetic and spiritual choice, access to the higher aspects of ones total self became limited at best and inaccessible for many.

Today, this situation is changing. The soul, which holds the imprint of Divine purpose and the memory of multiple incarnations of life-experience, is now more available to guide the embodied self. Just as the soul is a higher aspect of the physically embodied self, so, too, is what has variously been called the higher Self, I Am Presence, or Divine Presence a higher aspect of the soul. For purposes of simple communication, it is often useful to speak of the soul and higher Self as if they were the same, but in fact one is more connected to the journey within the physical dimension, and one is more connected with the Eternal.

As emotional purification takes place, it removes from the body of light that is being formed those lower emotional energies that prevent the transmission of pure spiritual light. As this occurs, access to the higher realms of Spirit increases as does access to the higher aspects of oneself. This shift increases awareness of a world of spiritual help, guidance, and beings that may not have been perceived as entirely real before. Now, this world makes itself known to the newly awakening centers of awareness within the brain and body. As part of this opening, motivations, perceptions, and feelings that come from a purer place within ones own being also become accessible.

Generally speaking, emotions on the physical plane hold an intense reality for us that is related to their connection with our bodies. They grip us with sensations, thoughts, and the impulse to express. However, emotions also exist at the soul level of our being that are wholely positive and connected with love. As the emotional body connected with the physical clears, these emotions are given more space and can be felt more strongly as a state of being that lives deeply within the self, independent of any outside cause.

Emotions of the higher aspect of oneself can include feelings of joy, peace, oneness, spaciousness, freedom, tenderness, gratitude, and love. These qualities of feeling remain as purification proceeds, while the lower aspects drop out. As a result, the physically embodied self begins to experience itself within time and space as a timeless being, living in tune with its higher and deeper nature and with the flow of universal life.

The clearing of emotional and mental energies from the energy body allows light of higher frequencies to heal not only the emotional level, but the mental and physical levels as well. If we hold to the premise that there is nothing physical that is not preceded by a consciousness aspect which is the true cause of the physical manifestation, then we may perceive that as spiritual light transforms the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, those consciousness sources of physical distress begin to change and disappear. Here lies hope for the end of illness and disease at some point in humanitys growth, for as the consciousness that gave rise to the physical manifestation changes, so, too, does the physical expression change.

Such healing may not be noticeable in the early stages of purification. Nevertheless, it is proceeding in such a way that the thoughts that create illness are being dissolved, while the thoughts and consciousness that creates health are being retained.

Imagine, if you will, a body of light that is free of negative thoughts and emotions and that, at the same time, is free of illness and the causes for it. This imagined body of light is the true destiny of human beings. For it is part of the evolution of human consciousness to spiritualize matter, and at the same time to participate in the total healing of that which has been cut off from the realms of Spirit. We move toward that destiny now with every step taken toward incorporating spiritual light within our physical, mental, and emotional being, and every step taken toward allowing the deeper truths of who we are to find expression in the shaping of our lives.

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GurujiMa is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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