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Post Traumatic Healing And The New Light Body

By GurujiMa

Emotional Healing and the New Light Body - Part 4

Trauma is not produced by one thing but by many different kinds of things, each of which can leave an indelible imprint on the inner life of the individual. This memory-imprint repeats itself over and over again in the inner awareness with a seemingly independent life of its own. Such repetition, as painful as it may be, is the body and psyches way of discharging excess emotional, physical, and mental energy that could not be processed at the time of the trauma.

In one sense, what defines trauma is not the original event itself, but the way in which that event is experienced by the conscious and unconscious self. A traumatic event is one is which the inner being experiences a kind of shock and overload to the entire psycho-physical system. Whatever the stimulus, the entire organism cannot effectively process it at the time of its occurrence. That is why the memory-imprint of a traumatic event recurs as vision, sound, thought, and feeling. It recurs with an effort, however ineffective, to create completion and closure.

The possibility for feeling traumatized given a sufficient degree of distress lives within everyone. It is part of the human experience in a state of separation from the Divine. When a human being has nowhere else to stand within themselves in relation to events that are horrifying, shocking, or deeply upsetting, the energetic overload to the nervous system becomes too great to be integrated. This emotional, mental, and physical energy has to go someplace since it cannot be absorbed. Temporarily, it goes into the unconscious mind and into the body where it may lie dormant for a while. However, a triggering event in the present can reach into the unconscious and create an inner neurological pathway that repeats the traumatic event as if it were happening now. This is because the unconscious mind and the body are not separate, but two parts of one living organism. This organism is trying, in the case of trauma, to deal with pain and shock. As a result, the original overload to the neural circuitry, glandular system, mental process, and physical organs gets reactivated when a current stimulus in some way evokes the original one.

Sometimes, however, post-traumatic stress does not depend on a renewed external reminder to activate the original response. The internal circuits are sufficiently overloaded on a continual basis that the inner reality is as if the original event is happening all of the time at varying degrees of conscious awareness. This inner picture, whether triggered by an external or internal stimulus, creates the feeling of reliving the original traumatic event, often in its full measure of intensity.

Awareness of the light body can help with this situation, especially when one understands trauma in the sense of system overload of an energetic kind. The light present in the light body, when of sufficient potency, can begin to dismantle the original energetic picture, substituting a new energy for the old and reconfiguring the existing pattern of stimulus and response. The energy of light as it increases, is capable of wiping out the original energetic pattern, and where there was trauma and upset, of replacing it with peace and a sense of equilibrium and balance.

Looking at post-traumatic healing from the perspective of light and the light body, the problem is one of creating new energetic pathways within the physical organism, pathways that are based on spiritual light. For most people, this progression is only in its beginning stages, brought about by the gradual increase of light upon the Earth. As a result, the potency of light may not yet be sufficient to entirely wipe away the preexisting energetic conditions that shape the post-traumatic response. And so a complete healing through the light body may not be available at the present moment. However, such healing is often partially or substantially available and, when combined with other ways of treating the problem, can create increased space and separation between the present and the past, and between a current stimulus and the traumatic event or events that are being recalled.

The picture of post-traumatic healing is very much the same for anyone who is trying to let go of the past. It differs only in intensity and in the degree to which responses are hard-wired into the nervous system. Such healing involves standing in a place of inner light that is joined with the higher self and God, and from that place, redirecting attention and energy so that it resonates more with the spaciousness of the higher self. The problem with post-traumatic stress and the challenges to healing are that access to the soul or higher self seems very far removed from what the conscious self feels capable of feeling.

Despite potential limitations, the light body, even in the present, can still play a large part in helping with post-traumatic stress. Introduction of energy of a higher frequency can begin to shift the existing energetic configuration within the body, and this alone can set free new potentials for healing based on the bodys own resources and on the capacities of mind and heart. For those affected by traumatic events of the past, learning to anchor oneself in light can be key for easing the pain of the past, for reducing the stress of recurrent memories and visions, for allowing greater presentness in ongoing relationships, and for feeling more balanced in ones emotional and mental life. All of this can take place as the body becomes more capable of holding a greater amount of spiritual light and as the amount of negative energy present decreases.

For the future, the possibilities are entirely open for the complete healing of post-traumatic stress through the light body, no matter what kind of stress one has been exposed to. Healing of trauma in this way will take place on two levels: first, the original stress will have a far greater chance of immediate absorption and integration given the higher energy of light present in the body and the greater unity experienced with ones Divine self, and second, where a difficult or stressful episode may occur, identification with the body-memory and emotional-memory will be replaced with identification with the higher self. To the degree that this happens, a memory may be recalled but its recall will not have the same impact on ones sense of self. This changed relationship with the emotional and physical self can happen as the inner being identifies more and more with the higher self and functions more on a soul level. To the extent that this is possible, the stressful memory will fade into the background so that its meaning and importance in the present will be diminished. Such a shift will allow those who are now troubled by post-traumatic stress to become re-engaged with the fullness of life, enabling them to lay down the burdens of the past that they have for so long been carrying.

GurujiMa is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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