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Transitioning To
A Fifth Dimensional Energy Matrix

September 20, 2009

Dearest Friends,

God's third dimensional energetic template for physical manifestation has served the Earth well for eons, and now it is in the process of transforming to a higher vibrational energy matrix which can more easily serve the Realms of Light in restoring the connections between the spiritual realms and the realms of matter.

Now, as this energy pattern shifts into a new manifestation of light, the process of purification is moving into a new level of acceleration and intensity. Energies of darkness are being illuminated, seen in God's truth for what they are, and transformed in the new light that is now present on the Earth.

At this time the physical bodies of all human beings on the Earth are being affected by this new light, and also by the accelerated purification process that is occurring. The realms of light are intensifying their efforts to create a new embodiment of spiritual light on the Earth, and so the more entrenched energies of darkness are rising up in response to this forward motion.

At this time there is a need for those who are serving God and assisting others in their spiritual transformation and healing process to attain a measure of inner purity for themselves, so that they may be empowered to transmit the higher vibrations of light that are wishing to manifest in a more complete way on the Earth.

There are still many layers of unconsciousness within many who are serving the Light, and this limits the possibilities for healing and also creates room for distortions and for energies of darkness to enter the process and disrupt or interfere with the forward movements of light.

Each soul is created in divine perfection, beauty, innocence, purity, light and love. As the soul travels throughout time and the realms of physical manifestation, many in their learning process experience traumas and challenges that could only be partially healed from within physical embodiment, because light was not present in sufficient strength to release and transform the old pain.

Now the Earth exists in a different energy matrix, with a much higher vibration of light that is possible to experience. Healing is possible that was not possible before.

Many souls have been accustomed to living with limitation or with only parts of themselves, and so have walled off these hurt parts of the self, and done their best to move forward. Now, in the new light that is present, it is possible to allow these hurt parts of the self into awareness, so that they can be healed in the light of a new day.

This level of healing can feel extremely painful to the embodied soul, as what is arising in consciousness feels unbearable. What can be helpful in this process is to find a way to more directly experience and anchor to your own divine Being which is already present in God's divine Oneness.

Beloved friends, the time is now to ask and pray to experience the divine truth of your own Oneness with the Divine. This will provide you with the strength, love and light to endure the new levels of purification and healing that are occurring now on the Earth. Ask and pray to be shown what is needed to help you move forward in light, and then follow how God leads you. You are loved and blessed, and all love and blessings are sent to you this day. Amen.

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