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Fragrance Sensitivity And Light

Spiritual Light and its Effect on the Brain Part 2

Dearest Beloved Friends, fragrance sensitivity is one of the light body symptoms most often associated with the anchoring of the higher dimension of spiritual light into the physical body.

Fragrances and scents are perceived initially in the brain, and as the higher dimensions of light affect the chakra system of the body, this creates hormonal and endocrine changes to the physical body.

Hormones create chemicals which affect the physical organism, and one day your scientists will be able to document the effects of spiritual light on the body in more visible ways.

As the human body releases the third dimensional form of separated existence within the time space continuum, and begins to resonate with the fifth dimensional metaphysical template for the New Earth that is anchoring within physical reality, a purification process of massive proportions begins to take place.

This process is unique for each embodied soul. For those who are called to be lightworkers, healers and servants of God, no matter form their work may take, the purification process is likely to be more thorough and complete so that purify and light can be transmitted through the physical vehicle, and also in words, thoughts and actions.

Fragrances and Their Impact on the Light Body

There are two types of scent that produce fragrance sensitivity within the light body and physical organism. First is the sensitivity to chemical fragrances which have been in widespread use, as humanity early on discovered the effect fragrance can have on mood and consciousness.

These chemical fragrances are often created with chemicals that are toxic to the brain. For souls that are becoming more sensitive, they can feel the toxicity as they inhale the fragrance and may even feel the effect on the brain in an immediate way.

There are also natural fragrances that emit from plants and flowers. These have been distilled into essential oils by healers for therapeutic use, and can have a potent effect on the physical organism.

These scents do not have a toxic effect, but their therapeutic and medicinal effect may disrupt the new pathways of light being created in the body, if the particular scents do not resonate with the needs of the person inhaling them.

For this reason, sensitive souls may begin to feel nauseous or develop symptoms when exposed to natural fragrances that do not resonate with their particular energetic and physical structure.

Spiritual Light and its Effect on Scents

As greater light anchors on the Earth and within human bodies, the light creates a spiritual atmosphere that can amplify or intensify the distribution of scents within the atmosphere.

The effect would be akin to a diffuser that is used to distribute essential oils into the atmosphere. The light acts to accelerate the movement of particles within the molecules of the fragrance or scent, thus making it more noticeable.

For this reason, you may find a scented product in a store which does not cause difficulty for your body, but then when you bring it into your home, if your home contains a higher vibration of light; you may find you cannot use the product because the scent is more overpowering.

Fragrance Sensitivity and Physical Health

As the physical body transitions into greater light, all manner of physical symptoms may erupt. Some of these are related to the purification process, and some are related to the transition of the cell, organs, nerves, glands and tissues of the body from a third dimensional to a fifth dimensional vibrational frequency.

This may sound esoteric, but your soul and your physical body understand this process, even if your conscious self has little or no awareness of the process.

For some souls who have more active upper chakras, especially healers, fragrances can actually disrupt the energy flows of the body and cause sickness. If this is the case, transitioning to the use of fragrance free products, and finding other ways to freshen the home that do not include scents will greatly enhance your comfort levels.

It is important to understand that each soul and each sacred human body is unique. Only you and your soul, and your spiritual guidance, can fully understand what your unique body needs and how to best handle the practical challenges of living on the Earth during this time of transition when the use of artificial and natural fragrances is so widespread.

Share Your Experiences With Fragrance Sensitivity

I'd like to hear more about your experiences with fragrance sensitivity. Your sharing will help others who are having new light body experiences. Thank you very much!

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