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Light Bodies Awakening

October 18, 2010

Dearest Beloveds, this is a time when spiritual light is moving into a new level within the human, physical form.

Although one might think that this process would create joy, bliss, increased energy and health, and other ecstatic experiences, what is happening for many is a profound acceleration of the process of spiritual purification which can create exactly the opposite experiences, temporarily.

The reason for this is that the higher vibrations of spiritual light are catalyzing a separation of energies of light and darkness from within the body, and also within consciousness.

The human physical form is a miraculous, multidimensional vehicle for the soul, which in any given lifetime carries the imprints of all lifetimes within the energetic and cellular structure.

During this significant time on the Earth, new light is present that was not previously available on the Earth. For this reason, major healing is now possible for even the most entrenched and painful experiences that may have been carried for lifetimes without release.

Now, at this time of transition, when the higher dimensions of spiritual light are transforming physical matter more completely, the purification process is greatly accelerated for all souls.

This can create an upsurge of old wounds energetic, physical and emotional, which are being released into consciousness so they can be healed.

This can also create significant energetic discomfort as the energy bodies of many healers and lightworkers are being re-aligned into new energy configurations that will serve their sacred purposes in the times ahead.

Beloved ones, some of the simplest remedies are also the best for these changes that are now happening.

  • Breathe fresh air regularly, and open the windows to release old energies in your home.
  • Drink plenty of pure water, which helps both the physical body and also the energy bodies to purify and be nourished by light.
  • Create time each day to anchor your consciousness in light, so that you may feel nourished and supported by Spirit. The Calendar of Awakening can provide daily support for this process.

May you continue to be guided and blessed in your journey. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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