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A New Manifestation Of Light In The Body

November 14, 2010

Dearest friends,

Something new has begun in the manifestation of spiritual light within the human body. The greater strength of light streaming forth both from the spiritual dimensions and also from the body of the Earth herself are now beginning to penetrate more deeply to the cellular levels of the human body.

What this has created is a more dramatic upsurge of light body symptoms and also more intensified experiences of spiritual purification.

At this time the light is also causing a destabilization of older structures, both physical and energetic, that do not resonate with the higher frequencies of light. This destabilization is happening on an individual level, and also globally for social, political and economic structures and institutions.

For example, if you have been carrying unconscious levels of fear, anxiety or separated consciousness that have limited your ability to move into your soul purpose, these emotions may suddenly take center stage in your consciousness in ways that can feel overwhelming.

Or, the structures of your life such as jobs, relationships, health, or your living situation may suddenly change or even end abruptly, leaving you feeling adrift and even more aware of old emotional patterns that you may not have been aware of previously.

You may feel shocked at the suddenness of how things can change so quickly, leaving you feeling temporarily lost or unmoored. Even attempts at re-grounding may feel difficult as the shifting sands of the current energy configurations on the Earth continue to move quickly in ways that are difficult to understand.

How to navigate in such an atmosphere? It is the energy of love which can most powerfully ground you at the present time, even if any other structures in your life may not be accessible, available or secure.

However in your life that you can tap into the energy of love, whether it be with your family, friends or loved ones, through your prayer and meditation time, or through your spiritual connections that can anchor you in the light of God's love ... this will provide the grounding force that will help to securely navigate in the present energetic circumstances that are unfolding on the Earth. We wish you all love and blessings at this significant time.

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