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The Nature Of Emotions

By GurujiMa

Emotional Healing and the New Light Body - Part 1

Emotions are part of the basic structure of human experience. They are part of the consciousness of every human being. Happy or sad, angry or peaceful, fearful or hopeful these are common emotions that are part of the inner life of many, as is the emotion of love. However, they are not the only emotions. Human emotions have their Divine counterparts which address mans relationship with the sacred and holy. Awe, reverence, praise, gratitude, devotion, adoration, and love which bridges all dimensions and ways of relating within these dimensions these are emotions as well. The Divine emotions may be considered the higher counterparts of the human emotions. Many are recognizable, only different in scope and intensity.

The mystery of the purpose of Creation is embodied within Gods plan for human experience as it relates to emotions. For emotions are a primary aspect of the way in which individual souls living within bodies come to know themselves as individuals. Within the embodied state, over a long arc of time and multiple lifetimes of experience, human beings come to recognize that I am what I feel. Experience itself also creates identification and identity, as do relationships with significant others. However, emotions play a large part in conveying to awareness who and what the self is.

The individuation process that takes place within human experience is part of the spiritual evolution of mankind. It is part of the way in which Gods consciousness is able to expand within form. This movement through time is sometimes accompanied by and often followed by a process of re-unification in which the now-individualized self seeks a path of return to unity within a greater Whole. The purpose of this return is to become one with this greater Whole, and the yearning for this is as much built into the structure of human experience as is the desire to become an individualized self. This greater Whole, by whatever name it is called - God, the Divine, the One, Spirit draws the evolving soul toward Itself, more subtly during earlier stages of development, more consciously later on. Individuation is a necessary part of the process. So are emotions. And yet when the time is right, when the soul is ready, emotions of a certain kind are let go of in order to make progress in realizing ones participation in the greater Whole of which one is a part.

As part of the process of return, all emotions do not have to be let go of, only those that cannot merge with their higher counterparts, only those that we call negative emotions that cannot be joined with love. These, at a certain point in time, are surrendered so that the higher aspects of the self can grow and flourish so they can expand in the light of spiritual reality.

Whereas in the process of individuation emotions were a mark of identity, as re-unification proceeds, only certain positive emotions are held in that regard, while those that separate us from love and God are progressively let go of. This process is one that can take place over many lifetimes. In such cases it becomes part of the long trajectory of spiritual evolution. It can also taken place within one lifetime as a more rapid process of purification and transformation. The purification process changes the structure of personality altogether and the way in which we relate to emotions. The process of purification makes us new and enables each human being to develop a light body.

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GurujiMa is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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