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What Is A Light Body?

by GurujiMa

Emotional Healing and the New Light Body - Part 2

The process of purification fosters the transformation of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of each human being and, indeed, of all of embodied life, into a state of greater resonance with the higher frequencies of spiritual light. To the degree that this is accomplished, the embodied self, including the physical form, no longer operates in the same way that it once did. Instead, it operates as a vehicle for the properties of Gods light, and becomes capable of radiating these properties at all levels.

What we call the energy-field or aura which all human beings possess is an aspect of a light body but not the whole. The aura, generally speaking, has been a term used to describe the energy field that surrounds individuals, transmitting currents corresponding to the qualities of thought, emotion, and higher consciousness that human beings carry. The light body, by contrast, incorporates the auric or energy field. But it also consists of the cellular structure of each organ, the molecules of each physical cell, the atoms of each molecule, and the electrons and sub-atomic particles of each atom. In addition, the light body, as it develops, is capable of influencing the genetic code and chromosomal structure which give rise to personal traits and characteristics.

All that is physical as well as all that is mental and emotional is capable of transformation by the higher frequencies of spiritual light so that the entire physical, mental, and emotional being vibrates at a higher level with a new and different consciousness.

Within this frame of reference, it is important to note that the premise of the light body is that all that we currently hold to be solid is not truly solid, but contains crystallized or coagulated energy which holds together for a time and purpose, only to dissolve later on into energy once more. Once we understand the fundamental aspect of the human organism as energy manifesting on all levels of expression, it becomes easier to see that a new energy containing qualities of Divine love, light, hope, and joy could infuse a pre-existing energy field and transform it into a new configuration.

This is fundamentally what happens in the creation of a light body. The energies of mind and emotion that we call thought and feeling are transformed through the introduction of spiritual light into a new energy pattern. This energy pattern resonates with, and increasingly conforms to the Divine inner nature of each human being.

Expressed differently, the energy of spiritual light, as it affects the physical, mental, and emotional being, begins to separate out light and darkness at each level of experience, amplifying and merging with that which is already light-filled within the self, and releasing and dissolving what is not capable, in its essence, of joining with the higher frequencies of light.

The process of purification enables each one who wishes to, to transform themselves in this way, through the creation of a body of light which permanently alters the qualities of consciousness that each has held for a very long time. The new light body is not created through one thought, one effort, or one moment in time, but rather through a process of integration and transformation that is progressive and that involves a willingness to become the Divine blueprint or pattern that lives within. This willingness, and the orientation toward purity and purification, enables each embodied soul who chooses to, to live in a state of communion with their deepest Divine nature and with the Divine that is God. Purification creates the possibility for living a sacred and self-aware life on all levels, within the physical realm and beyond.

The means by which it achieves this involves several dynamic principles, each related to Divine action affecting life within the human sphere:

First, that the higher potencies of spiritual light will act upon the human sphere and, indeed, the entire physical dimension, to separate light and darkness wherever they are found, releasing and dissolving the latter, and amplifying and expanding the former.

Second, that within this process, a new relationship with ones body, thoughts, and emotions is required, so that what needs to be let go of can be. (See Article III, which will be posted soon)

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GurujiMa is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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