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New Avenues For Healers

April 2010

Dearest Beloved Friends,

As you may be experiencing now, the strength of spiritual light on the Earth is growing, which is awakening new capabilities within all of humanity. There is now less separation between the spiritual realms and the physical dimensions, and so thoughts manifest more quickly, relationships have the possibility of being deeper and more connected, and the physical body is more attuned to spiritual reality.

This is creating some challenge for those lightworkers that are involved with healing work, as they are becoming more sensitized to energies in general and also developing more energy sensitivity while acting in a healing role with others.

The healing relationship is a sacred and complex one, which is guided from the soul level. The "client" and the "healer" are in reality One, and are each serving a divine purpose in helping one another to move more easily from a state of separated consciousness into Oneness.

On the human level there are emotional entanglements that can result when one or the other in the relationship falls into projection of their perceived needs onto the other. However even if the emotional level of the relationship is relatively clear, there is another level that is happening beyond the emotional which is a sacred process.

This has to do with the energetic level of spiritual purification. In all healing relationships, the healer acts to raise the vibration of both client and healer, using whatever tools are at their disposal, and using the power of intention and of love.

When greater light is present, older energies that would not have been able to leave both client and healer are released and transformed. This is the miracle of spiritual healing, which happens at all levels of all healing relationships.

In the new light that is present on the Earth, human bodies are becoming more light filled, more transparent, and more joined with the spiritual realms. This increasing level of connection between the realms is causing the experience for many of increasing permeability in the energy field.

You may find yourself feeling energetically more overloaded after working with a client. This could also happen simply from sitting next to someone on a bus, or from a phone call.

These new experiences can be quite challenging, and there are some ways to help this process so that energies can clear more quickly.

First, it is important to understand that God's light is a stronger force of energy even than more dense or negative energies which might at the time feel overpowering. By remembering this and invoking light, other energies can clear more quickly.

Secondly, there are some practical things that can help to clear the energies you may feel saturated with.

  • Drink pure water
  • Open the windows and air out the space
  • Step outside and place your bare feet on the ground
  • Find a quiet place where you can be alone for a few minutes
  • Take some time to be quiet and to pray
  • If needed, shower and change your clothes
  • Leave time in between client sessions for your energy field to clear
  • Create specific times for handling phone calls and other client interactions
  • Wear specific clothing for sessions that is not worn for other activities

Beloved ones, those who are healers are experiencing new worlds of possibilities opening as spiritual light on the Earth grows. All of life is sacred, and all of life is a healing process. There are new avenues now available for healing to happen, even outside the realms of offering client sessions. Allow yourself to be guided and led to the next steps in your spiritual work.

We give great thanks to you for your dedicated commitment and service to the One. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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