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Alignment With The New Light

April 30, 2009

Beloved Children of God,

The advent of new light on the Earth is accelerating the creation of the new light body within humanity, and soon you will see more direct evidence of this in your daily life, as your own light body continues to transform and to move into new dimensions of experience.

At this time the separation of light and dark energies is building, creating a more intense and accelerated purification process, and shaking loose many entrenched energies, thought forms and emotions.

In this current spiritual atmosphere you may feel overwhelmed at times, with despair and depression intensified. The reason for this is twofold. First there is a growing intensity to the purification process within individuals and within humanity as a whole, which is bringing up so many feelings, questions and issues within consciousness that you may find difficulty in maintaining a consciousness of light and a place of light within to stand while these energies pass through.

Secondly, there still remains in the spiritual atmosphere of Earth an oppressive covering or cloud of energies of darkness which create the feeling of heaviness, density, and a lack of light and of moving forward towards light. This covering can prevent you from having a fuller and more direct experience of your own light, and of God's light which is streaming forth from the heavens and also now radiating from the Earth.

The Earth is a multidimensional being and is transforming into a new entity of light that can support a higher vibration of consciousness and light. She is sloughing off many energies of darkness that she has carried for eons in her long service to God and to humanity. Her body at the present time is receiving greatly amplified energies of light which are transforming the matter of Earth into a new substance. Along with the Earth's transformation, human bodies and the bodies of all embodied beings are transforming as well.

The Earth is preparing for a level shift of magnificent proportions, which will dramatically shift the present consciousness of humanity. At this stage of her evolution she is now receiving the embodied Christ light into her core, which is processing through her entire physical form and transmuting many of the more entrenched energies of darkness which have in the past prevented a forward movement of light.

As the Earth's body is able to clear more of these energies of darkness, a new light will begin to radiate from her center, which will dramatically increase the capacity of the Earth to heal herself from the many wounds inflicted upon her ecosystems. As humanity's consciousness develops, people will begin to recognize and respect this self healing capacity of the Earth and will learn to work with her sacred re-balancing process.

Beloved ones, the time is almost at hand when more accelerated changes on the Earth will begin to manifest. Her energy body needs the loving attention and care that human beings of heart can give. The weekly One World Meditations provide a regular influx of this embodied light and love to the Earth, which she receives gratefully as a child receives nourishment.

Your gift to the world is your full, embodied presence in this transformation and redemption process that is the transformation of the Earth. Your willingness to align yourself with the incoming energies of light, to purify your body, mind and emotions, and to stand with firmness in the center of your own inner truth, brings greater light and love to the Earth and to all beings upon the Earth. We bless the sacred intentions of your work and support and encourage you to continue forward despite the obstacles that still exist within the physically embodied world. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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