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Daily Life In
The New Multidimensional Reality

September 22, 2010

Dearest Friends,

As the physical planes of Earth are becoming more joined with spiritual reality, you are likely noticing these changes, especially in the past few months. One of the most noticeable changes physically for many is that transformational or light body symptoms that manifest appear more quickly, and also may stay longer, and be less affected by conventional medical treatments.

This is especially true of skin conditions, many of which can mirror common chronic skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea or hives. Conventional treatments may not relieve the symptoms, which are caused by a movement of light within the body that opens energy channels and may release energies that cause symptoms.

Another change many are experiencing is that of a more multi-dimensional framework for the physical body, and also for daily life. What would seem to be a simple process for example, such as finding a treatment for a body symptom, becomes more complicated. A treatment that worked yesterday may not work today, and your body may react differently on any given day to treatments that may require days or weeks of consistent application.

Also, the presence of higher dimensions of light can affect caregivers and health practitioners that you may see for help with body symptoms, which in some cases can open their intuition and create more possibility for assisting you, but in other situations may catalyze their own purification process or otherwise cause a clouding of judgment that limits their ability to help.

The way to manage this constantly changing, multidimensional reality that is emerging is to center yourself in the present moment, and to release attachment to specific outcomes or plans. This may seem impractical, however in the realm of healing is necessary right now in the shifting sands of the large scale vibrational transformation process that is affecting everyone.

The new levels of light you are carrying in your own body are also having a greater impact on the people around you, and also your environments. Being present to what is happening in the moment, and to what your body, mind and heart are experiencing, can help you to maintain love and light, and to manage the complex situations that can arise in daily life.

Beloved ones, your own consciousness is also changing, and for some this is a more noticeable experience that can create disorientation or even fear. As you are freed from the bonds of an older identity, there may be a lag time before you find yourself securely grounded in the new.

At this time, emotions are also more multimensional, sometimes emerging from the human embodied self and personality, and sometimes emerging from the very depths of the soul as it makes contact in a new way with the embodied self. Memories, thoughts and feelings may emerge that are not from this lifetime, which can create confusion especially in relationships.

New revelations are possible now, making possible a greater depth of love, light and healing, and also creating more safety to face within ones self those emotions or energies that were previously unbearable. More is possible now to allow you to pass through the fires of purification with trust and the intention to be free. Negative energies can clear more quickly now, because there is greater light in the energy body of the Earth to assist with the spiritual process of healing.

At this time dearest Ones, remember your divine true Self which is light and which resonates with light, no matter what intensity or challenge may be present in your daily life. New supports are now available as the light is stronger and so you may find that situations that previously were not able to be supportive can now flourish with new life and vigor as the renewal and healing of planet Earth progresses. With all love and blessings, may God's light continue to bless you each day.

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