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Physical Manifestations Of Light

May 8, 2010

Dearest Beloved Friends,

The nature of time and space are being transformed by the higher dimensions of light that are infusing the energetic atmosphere of the Earth. The previous patterns of physical manifestation which were anchored within third dimensional consciousness and form are now shifting.

This can be disorienting as older ways of anchoring consciousness within the physical body no longer fit, and yet newer ways have not yet fully arrived. Those like yourself with an awareness of this process are the pioneers and the way showers, and your own learning process and understanding will help others to adapt to the new spiritual and energetic atmosphere that is developing on the Earth.

One of the greatest dangers at this present time has to do with the intense experience of purification that many are experiencing. There is both an individual and a collective process of purification that is happening on the Earth. All embodied souls are undergoing a vibrational change which is pushing to the forefront of consciousness older energies of pain, trauma, negativity and darkness.

The purification process is so strong right now that there is a concern for some sensitive souls that they may get lost in these energies. Although negative energies can feel very strong and overpowering at times, they are not stronger than the highest light of God which is embodied now on the Earth and available to all who seek it.

In addition to the purification process, some healers have chosen the work of absorbing and transforming these negative energies within their own consciousness. They experience feelings and energies that may appear to be personal, or that are similar to personal issues, however there is a difference.

For healers that have chosen this work, their personal purification process is happening in a parallel way to their global purification work. These souls may feel that they are always in pain, or that no matter what they do, older issues keep coming up to be healed.

Although some of these energies that arise are indeed the remnants of what remains on the personal level for purification, some of these energies are of a larger nature and they appear and feel so similar to personal energies that it may not be possible to tell the difference.

What is most important to remember at this time is to not give up. The process of purification can feel exhausting and discouraging at times, and especially at this crucial time in the Earth's transformation process, there is so much pain being released that many sensitive souls are feeling overwhelmed.

Many healers that are helping to transform these intense energies are feeling discouraged with the new levels of intensity, and the seeming lack of a light appearing at the end of the tunnel.

In truth, the darkness is always at its greatest point prior to a shift into a new level of light. The building of these difficult energies is leading to a larger and much needed shift.

Beloved ones, the most useful activity that you can engage in right now to speed this shift, and to support your own consciousness and emerging light body, is to join with others in light on a regular basis.

The most important thing that is needed right now is a way to regularly anchor the cellular experience of light into the body. This is greatly needed both for the individual support of healers and lightworkers to sustain them, but is also greatly needed for the Earth.

The energetic templates of the Earth are shifting dimensions, and this is creating a large scale movement of her physical structures. This is creating increasingly disrupted energy patterns.

These can be calmed by anchoring spiritual light into the Earth, which can only happen if more individuals are vibrating with the higher dimensions of light.

When embodied souls join together in light, and when the souls participating already have some anchoring of these energies of light in their physical forms, this light can infuse the Earth and all other participants, thus raising the vibration for all.

This raising up will bring healing to all participants, and will help release pressure from the physical body of the Earth. The release of pressure will create more fluidity in her energy field, which will allow her changes to happen more easily and less abruptly.

Beloved ones, at the present time the One World Mediations offer a powerful vehicle to accomplish this vibrational shifting, and also to help all participants to move forward in their individual paths of light. The meditations help to anchor light in the physical bodies of all participants.

This anchoring is made possible not only by the energetic joining between the Realms of Light and those on the Earth who are meditating, but is also made possible by the live video feed which enables the joined light of those gathered participants to be transmitted all over the world. We encourage you to participate in this if you can, for your own upliftment and for the upliftment of the Earth and all souls on the Earth.

We give great thanks, love, light and blessings for your presence, your commitment, your love and your service to the One.

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