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Addressing Physical Symptoms From
The Effects Of New Light

October 16, 2009

Dearest Beloved Friends,

The newer and higher frequencies of embodied light on the Earth are having marked and profound changes on the physical bodies of all embodied souls. All human beings and all plant and animal life are affected by the new frequencies of light.

In recent times new levels of light were able to anchor physically within the three dimensional template of Earth's physical reality. This has caused a multidimensional unfoldment and expansion of light embodied on the physical planes, changing forever the Earth and all her inhabitants.

These profound changes, which came to fruition in the middle of 2009 have opened new possibilities for all souls, and have created a major, intense and powerful purification process on the planet.

At the present time the release of energies of darkness from the physical body of the Earth is a major event, which many souls experience each in their own ways. There is also a powerful purification process happening for all embodied souls.

At this time energies of separation, negativity and darkness that have been held within the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies are being illuminated by the light, separated out from other energies and released into the greater light of God.

This new light is causing a wide range of intense, sometimes unexplainable physical symptoms that may or may not match with conventional forms of illness that current medical and health sciences may be aware of. Even those of you that may have been experiencing light body symptoms for years may be experiencing new symptoms because of the dimensional shift that is happening.

Some are experiencing profound healing and the resolution of long standing chronic symptoms. Others are discovering previously invisible healing issues, or the awakening of emotions, thoughts, feelings or longings that were not previously available to consciousness.

Beloved ones, at this time you must rely on your inner guidance to help you navigate through the intense morass of purification that is happening within you and all around you. Some medical or alternative health systems will be able to offer partial or even total relief for your physical or energetic symptoms; however it is important to work with practitioners that are attuned to their own inner guidance.

The reason for this is that the current medical and alternative healing modalities that exist on the Earth were created from the perspective and experience of an older three dimensional reality. Even more holistically oriented treatments like Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine do not yet have concepts for some of the capacities and structures that are emerging as the new light body.

Healing practitioners that are able to be open intuitively can receive the new frequencies of light and respond to the full energetic picture of the body can be most helpful in addressing the symptoms and issues that are emerging as the result of vibrational changes to the Earth.

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