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Soul Choice, Healers And The Divine Plan

December 28, 2008

Beloved Sacred Ones,

The gift of human embodiment during this momentous time of transition offers multidimensional gifts as well as challenges. Those of you who have an interest in these matters are the light bearers, the healers and the way showers for your fellow souls on the Earth who are now passing through severe trials, confusion, fear and all manner of challenge.

Though it is not yet time for your work to be activated on a larger scale, there is a momentum of preparation now that will lead you into the situations, relationships and communities that most need the unique gift that you have to offer. At this time your sacred bodies are unfolding into the next phase of their sacred alignments so that you can prepare to carry out the work your soul has chosen.

Beloved ones, each soul on the Earth has come for a unique and special purpose. Those of you who are guided here to these messages have chosen to carry love and healing to others, and to travel deeply within your own soul's experience to heal the deepest recesses of your own being. These messages are offered to support the alignment of your physical and energy bodies, and also to provide a place to share and connect with others who resonate with similar vibrational frequencies.

Beloved ones, God's divine plan for humanity includes each soul, and the more you align with your divine, essential spiritual being, the more possible it becomes for light to expand on the Earth, and for this sacred process to move forward more quickly. Your essential being is one of love, light and purity, completely free from motivations of separated consciousness and fear. Your essential self views all souls as One, and holds them in love, no matter what the external manifestations. Your essential self has no need to control others or to change them. Your essential self is present in the Oneness of God's love, free from motivations of pride, judgment, blame, criticism or anger.

Now, in these times of purification, light is expanding on the Earth and illuminating for all souls those places within which have become separated from God's Oneness. When you discover the places within you that are not able to hold your fellow human beings in love, meet this awareness with love and truth. As you see clearly the areas within you that carry judgments, fear, anger, pride or other separated energies, you may also discover the inner tendency to turn judgment and blame towards your self. See this also with love, as a part of the same energy pattern.

Beloved ones, those of you who are on the Earth with the soul purpose of healing will discover many unique lessons that are specific to this work. To be a channel for God's healing requires extraordinary purity, humility, and surrender. In this way, everything you do to heal yourself will bear fruit in your growing capacity to offer love, light and healing to others.

In God's divine Oneness, there is no one to heal, and no one who needs healing because the healer and healed are One. On the human levels, each soul appears separate and yet is already whole and complete within themselves, regardless of external manifestations. Into this apparent paradox, those souls who are called to a mission of healing enter into their chosen arena of service with all their light and love, and also with all of their limitations.

Beloved ones, at this time the higher frequencies of light are moving into new avenues within the human body and within human consciousness. These new pathways are going to eventually result in a completely transformed humanity, and a completely transformed social and economic structure on the Earth. God's light is in motion, activating areas of darkness within the consciousness of humanity that are ready to be released and purified, and raising the vibration of all of physical matter so that God's presence can eventually be a tangible reality for all beings.

At this time, a conscious awareness of the process of purification can be profoundly useful in clearing away perceptual filters that have clouded consciousness and prevented love from flowing completely freely in your body, mind and consciousness. The motivation for purity, humility and love will open the doorways to freedom, and will allow all that is not love to pass away. With deepest love and blessings, Amen.

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