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The Spiritual Renaissance Of Humanity

March 10, 2009

Dearest Ones,

The physical bodies of all of humanity are now undergoing profound transformations as the higher vibrations of light have penetrated into new levels of the physical world. Whereas in recent times past the light would produce changes mostly to emotional and mental levels of a person, now the accelerated frequencies are transforming the cellular structure of each living thing.

For some this process is a joyous one, as their consciousness begins to awaken to their own spiritual origins. For some, it is a more difficult time, because the light acts as a purifying force and separates out old patterns of darkness and pain into consciousness for healing. This can cause discomfort or even the emergence of illness or chronic physical and energetic symptoms. For some, the path of purification has ben trodden for many lifetimes, and at this time there is now a light appearing at the end of the tunnel, showing signs of a long awaited completion.

There are some souls whose physical bodies are actively involved with the physical body of the Earth, and whose soul purpose is a commitment to help her to transform. For these souls, there are new levels of activation happening now which are creating new pathways energetically and physically within both the physical and the energy bodies. These souls are greatly affected by larger energy forces that most are unaware of, and may experience highly unique energetic or physical phenomena as their bodies are rewired in preparation for greater service.

Beloved ones, the higher dimensions of light are activating new aspects of the physical and energy bodies that have lain dormant within the divine energetic blueprint of the human form. Your mainstream scientists are still unaware of these, but some healers and teachers with clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities are able to discern these new frequencies and work with them to help those who are going through the sometimes painful transition into the new higher dimensional light body.

At this time many people are experiencing fatigue, illness, compromised immune functioning and a whole host of energetic emotional symptoms that are related to the purification process. Some people experience mainly their own purification process, and some people may find themselves absorbing energies from those around them in addition to their own inner work. What is needed to get through these times is first and foremost, a deep awareness of the purification process, what it is, how it manifests and how it affects your day to day experience. The writings of Julie Redstone can be most helpful in this area, and she is available at the community to assist those who wish personalized support.

Beloved ones, the process of purification is now happening on a global scale, and also within each embodied soul. This process is going to lead to a much larger spiritual awakening for humanity. Many of the tools that are needed to get through the challenges of this process are already available, and those individuals who have been specially trained for this task are being readied to step into new levels of service that will make greater support possible and available to all who wish. For those who wish to connect with others who are participating in this conscious process of spiritual and global awakening, please consider participating in the WorldBlessings Community whose purpose involves helping to connect and support those who feel a connection with this work. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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