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The Transformation Of Physical
Matter Into Light

December 21, 2008

Beloved Sacred Ones,

The transformation of physical matter into light is a sacred process now occurring on the Earth, as the result of many cosmic and spiritual forces aligning to assist Earth and all of her inhabitants to move into a new vibration, a new consciousness, and a new reality of light.

This transformation process began a number of years ago, and in 2007 reached a point of critical mass in which the higher vibrations of light that were streaming to the Earth from other dimensions of God's reality began to penetrate into physical matter in a whole new multidimensional way. Previous to this time, spiritual light was infusing into the energy bodies of the Earth, and accelerating the process of purification, and building in a more gradual way. Now this process has moved into a whole new level.

When light began to break through into the physical, third dimensional structures of your physical world in early 2007, this began a new process which has allowed now for new manifestations of light and unified spiritual consciousness to begin to manifest on the Earth and within the consciousness of all beings on the planet.

Since light has begun to manifest more directly into the physical structures of the Earth, your divinely ordained sacred human bodies have begun to go through a new level of transformation. Previous to 2007 the energies and effects of light were more muted and often were limited by the density of three dimensional matter. This prevented a full manifestation of so many of the higher vibrations of light, and also created obstacles to the sacred desires of many lightworkers who were guided to manifest their highest soul's purpose, but continued to meet with oppression, obstacles and limitations.

In 2008 we began to see the first seeds of the manifestation of light onto the physical planes of Earth. Now as 2008 nears to a conclusion, the fruits of so many lightworkers, teachers, Masters and Christ are finally becoming visible. The government of the United States of America, whose spiritual purpose involves holding the vibration of liberty and justice for all, is undergoing a major re-alignment to be restored to its spiritual foundations and the manifestations of its future purpose. The global economic systems, heavily based on the energies of separated consciousness, greed and fear, are now releasing their deeply entrenched roots and are being uprooted in order to create a new and more equitable social and economic structure that values the principles of light, unity, and freedom and support for all.

Beloved ones, your physical bodies are also undergoing a massive re-alignment and shifting in 2008. If you look back upon the last year you may notice many new experiences in your body and energy field that began in 2008 and that are now moving into a new level. As God's light accelerates the frequency and vibration of physical matter, the atoms and molecules that make up your physical structure and your physical world begin to move more quickly, which creates physiological manifestations. Some of these include:

    A quickening of the metabolism, as physical processes move at an accelerated rate.

    An increase in physical symptoms, as places of blockage and restricted life force are stimulated more quickly, due to the increase in speed of physical processes.

    A greater need for rest, and often a corresponding difficulty sleeping, due to changes in the brain's functioning as the light creates changes to the upper energy centers of the body which are connected to the brain's sleep centers.

    Unusual reactions to foods, spices, herbs, coffee, tea, alcohol and even simple over the counter medications like aspirin. As light transforms the body, the need for specific kinds of foods will transform, and sensitivity to substances that alter the body's functioning increases.

    Intensified emotional reactions, as light opens the body and energy bodies, awakens consciousness and releases old burdens.

    Heightened sensitivity to environments, people, and energies. You may find your body affected by things you never imagined, such as fluorescent lights, certain types of music, books, and even physical objects. Everything is energy, as the density of third dimensional matter releases into a higher frequency, the innate oneness of All begins to reveal itself to consciousness and to your body.

Beloved sacred friends, you are entering a new and exciting period in human evolution. The awakening of the new light body is a joyous and sacred process that is a part of the larger process of transformation that is happening on the Earth. Though this kind of dramatic awakening process also has its challenges and difficulties, God provides much blessing and much assistance to all souls who long to join with God's purpose of healing for oneself and for the Earth.

This transmission is offered with love from the Realms of Light to assist you in moving through this time of enormous transition, and to provide support, love, guidance, and a place to share with others. We encourage you to leave comments and to share your own experiences at the link below. May God's love light your path always. Amen.

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