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A Transformational Moment

August 18, 2010

Dearest Beloved Friends,

At the present time on the Earth, the new levels of light are creating a shift in the energetic templates that for the human body. Although this change has been in process for a while, and many of you have been feeling such changes for many years, something new is possible now that was not possible previously.

The most significant change that has begun to manifest is happening at the level of the energy body. Your energy body is a miraculous non-physical template, created by God and your divine soul purpose, and it contains within it the coding for the manifestation of your purpose as well as the needed information so that your physical body can manifest successfully within the third dimensional matter of Earth.

Now, as the third dimensional physical reality of Earth is beginning to transform into a more multidimensional realm, with greater connection to the spiritual realms, so the energy bodies and the physical bodies of all souls embodied on the Earth have been changing.

Recent changes that have manifested on the Earth in the summer of 2010 have created a large scale shift in the energetic templates of the Earth. This change has been having a ripple effect on people's physical bodies, as well as the physical body of the Earth.

On the Earth, there are points of energetic buildup which have been accumulating for a number of years, which are starting to release now. This releasing process is manifesting through the increased number of natural disasters you are seeing.

Within human bodies, there are changes happening that are creating a number of manifestations. Most of these are unique to each individual, however there are some common elements such as:

  • Greater hunger and the need for more food
  • The need for different types of food that are lighter and closer to a natural state
  • Inability to focus mental attention in usual ways
  • Acceleration of light body symptoms
  • Healing of some chronic physical conditions
  • A greater need for stillness and quiet
  • Greater sensitivity to energies
  • Changes in sleep patterns

These changes that are occurring are in response to a greater influx of the higher dimensions of spiritual light into the energy bodies as well as the physical cells and tissues of the body. The light is qualitatively and signficantly stronger in intensity than in previous times, and so the changes that are happening are more pronounced.

Because light is stronger, there is more possible now in the way of being able to heal long standing chronic physical, emotional and energetic situations. The light is now more firmly established within the physical realms, and so from this point forward will have a more noticeable effect on physical reality. Like a small flame that now has enough oxygen to grow, the sacred, transformative flame can now manifest more fully to create the changes that so many have prayed for, for so long.

At this blessed time, we send love, light and blessings, that these next steps on your journey provide you with all that you need to manifest the highest purpose of your soul's desire.

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