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Transforming What Has Passed

December 8, 2009

Dearest Beloved Friends,

The new light that is strengthening on the Earth has opened a new possibility for healing for all of humanity. This has to do with the ability to not simply "let go" of the past, but to transform it.

The multidimensional reality that All is One has long been separated from the three dimensional Earth experience. That gap is now closing, as the very fabric of physical matter, space and time are transforming on the Earth. It is the new light that creates this multidimensional doorway, through which all physically embodied beings are currently passing through.

Transforming the past is not simply about letting go of the painful aspects of what has been. Rather, it is a new understanding and awareness of the larger purpose that those experiences held. This is a soul level perception that up until recent times was available to a precious few individuals.

Now, the new light that is anchoring on the Earth is making possible a more widespread experience for all of humanity of the spiritual reality that each is a soul, eternal and yet here physically embodied. Each soul, each person is a precious miracle of God's love, here on Earth for a sacred purpose. This new understanding is but a thread now, and those of you that are the healers, lightworkers and way showers are being given this experience now for yourselves, so that you can more fully embody this spiritual reality.

One day, as light continues to strengthen, all of humanity will have the opportunity to experience this connection, this new consciousness, and this understanding of what healing is.

Beloved ones, blessed are you, the healers, lightworkers and way showers of humanity. May your own soul's divinity manifest fully for you, aligning all that you are into one sacred and harmonious whole.

May the chains of past karma, pain, suffering, darkness and separation be forever dissolved in the new, holy light of God's purpose that is manifesting upon the Earth. May you be blessed now and forever, Amen.

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