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Physically Manifesting The New Light Body

July 22, 2010

Dearest Beloved Friends,

Your physically manifest universe has within itself the tools and supports to assist the spiritual transformation process that is producing the new light body. The physically manifest Christ on Earth is catalyzing an awakening process within all of physical matter. There are plant, crystal and mineral substances within the physical Earth that can assist human beings and human bodies to return to the Source of Oneness that is the birthright of all souls.

These gifts of nature are part of the holographic nature of the universe, where each part contains within itself the whole. In previous times and in recent times they have been misused, due to a combination of ignorance and a lack of purity of motivation.

Spiritual seeking that attempts to enlarge the ego self, to escape from life, or to provide personal gain for the personal self, is destined to fail. The spiritual gifts that are being sought can only be received into a heart that has been purified and freed from the need to be in control of the outcome.

At the present time on the Earth, a new dimensional matrix is being anchored on the planet which is affecting all embodied beings on the planet. For some sensitive souls this is an extremely challenging time, as so much is happening in multiple, multidimensional realities at each moment.

One of the gifts being given at this time is the awareness of the teachings of spiritual purification. These provide support and anchoring in the higher vibrations of spiritual light, and assistance to understand the intense emotional and energetic states that are arising.

These teachings can be applied to all life situations, and can assist in the process of spiritual awakening. One such new tool is the Calendar of Awakening which provides the vibrational support and catalyst for this process, as well as new concepts that can free the mind and bring peace to the heart.

Beloved ones, your sacred physical bodies are becoming the vehicles for the divine. In the midst of the process of purification, at times it can feel as though you are far from the sacred, however what is happening is a release from your separation from the sacred.

You are being freed from the bondage of separated consciousness. These thoughts, feelings and energies of separation, fear and negativity must pass through your consciousness as they are being released.

At the present time, open yourself to new options in your daily life that can assist your spiritual transformation process. As more light infuses your body, its needs change, sometimes from day to day. Attune and listen to what your body is asking of you.

A simple shift in the foods you eat, the energetic supports you use, or the gifts from nature that you surround yourself with, can go a long way to helping you to feel more comfortable during this time of great transformation and challenge.

As the pathways of light get stronger in your body, you will find that your levels of stress decrease, even in the challenges of your daily life. You will feel more supported by the Divine, and by those that guide you. As the spiritual dimensions become ever closer to the physically manifest world, you will begin feel more connected with your higher self and your soul's purpose.

Beloved friends, we bless your work and your faithfulness to your spiritual origins and purpose. At this momentous time on the Earth, your light is needed, and is greatly appreciated by the Realms of Light. You are holding the light not only for yourself but for all those in your life that are being affected by it. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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