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December 2008

The Transformation of Physical Matter into Light

    Beloved Sacred Ones, The transformation of physical matter into light is a sacred process now occurring on the Earth, as the result of many cosmic and spiritual forces aligning to assist Earth and all of her inhabitants to move into a new vibration, a new consciousness, and a new reality of light. (Read More)

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Introduction and Welcome

    Hello dearest friends! Today I'm grateful to share a new beginning that emerged in the form of spiritual guidance from the Realms of Light that are specifically about the New Light Body. These transmissions are called Light body Blessings and the first one arrived today. You can read it by scrolling down to the next entry of this blog, or by visiting this link. There is a place to share comments after the message, and I hope you will find these helpful and supportive in your journey. Please let me know what you think!

    Much love,

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Soul Choice, Healers and the Divine Plan

    Beloved Sacred Ones, The gift of human embodiment during this momentous time of transition offers multidimensional gifts as well as challenges. Those of you who have an interest in these matters are the light bearers, the healers and the way... (Read More)

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