July 2009

The Sanctification of the New Earth

    God's holy light is reaching a critical point of saturation on the Earth planes, which is beginning a new level of the planetary transformation process. As God's light moves more deeply into all realms of physically embodied matter, there are two significant shifts occurring as a result. (Read More)

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Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission and Purpose

    Awakening to the reality of your soul and spirit is for some a natural and joyful process, and for others is a more challenging experience. There is no need to judge yourself if you are "failing" to experience the light and love that is expanding on the Earth right now. You have not "missed the boat" or are not doing something wrong. Souls who are here on the Earth right now with the specific task of helping to expand the light on the Earth have many different purposes, depending on their soul's intention for learning and for serving. (Read More)

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