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Daily Practices of Light

    Your sacred physical bodies are being dramatically affected by the major energetic transitions and transformations that are happening on the Earth. For some souls these changes are quite profound, for others the effects may be less noticeable. (Read More)

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Breaking Loose from Third Dimensional Reality

    Dearest Ones, at the present time the presence of embodied physical light on the Earth has strengthened to the point where it has begun to catalyze a dimensional shift on the Earth. A vortex of new light is penetrating through the entrenched and solidified structures of the Earth plane, and creating a massive wave of spiritual purification on the Earth. (Read More)

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A New Manifestation of Light in the Body

    Something new has begun in the manifestation of spiritual light within the human body. The greater strength of light streaming forth both from the spiritual dimensions and also from the body of the Earth herself are now beginning to penetrate more deeply to the cellular levels of the human body. (Read More)

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Light Bodies Awakening

    Spiritual light is moving into a new level within the human, physical form. Although one might think that this process would create joy, bliss, increased energy and health, and other ecstatic experiences, what is happening for many is a profound acceleration of the process of spiritual purification which can create exactly the opposite experiences, temporarily. (Read More)

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Daily Life in the New Multidimensional Reality

    As the physical planes of Earth are becoming more joined with spiritual reality, you are likely noticing these changes, especially in the past few months. One of the most noticeable changes physically for many is that transformational or light body symptoms that manifest appear more quickly, and also may stay longer, and be less affected by conventional medical treatments. (Read More)

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A Transformational Moment

    At the present time on the Earth, the new levels of light are creating a shift in the energetic templates that for the human body. Although this change has been in process for a while, and many of you have been feeling such changes for many years, something new is possible now that was not possible previously. (Read More)

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Physically Manifesting the New Light Body

    Your physically manifest universe has within itself the tools and supports to assist the spiritual transformation process that is producing the new light body. There are plant, crystal and mineral substances within the physical Earth that can assist human beings and human bodies to return to the Source of Oneness that is the birthright of all souls. (Read More)

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